Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go, Granny, Go!

I almost hit 20 miles today in two runs. According to my calculations, I got 19.56 miles in. No I don't have a Garmin. I'm not that technologically advanced and I hate carrying those big clunky things on my wrists. I map my runs with aerial photos on google maps on Map My Run. And no, I'm not obsessive enough to go back out and do another 0.44 miles to make it an even 20. Food was calling my name.

I did a shorter, slower than usual tempo run with Shannon tonight, we did about 8.7 miles together at a little under 8:40 pace. He is tired, he's recovering from pacing his friend Chris in his first 100 miler at Leadville last weekend, which turned out to be one of those runs where you get your money's worth out of the entry fee. As Shannon was describing the pacing experience at Leadville it was taking me back to my own first 100 mile experience at Leadville 20 years ago.

Chris finished in 29 hours and change, and I can relate to his pain and the feeling that it will never end. All four of my Leadville finishes were between 29:20 and 29:40 no matter what I did. Finally I retired from high altitude, moved on to lower elevation 100s. But congratulations to Chris because Leadville is tough first time 100 to do. And he stuck it out despite all his troubles and sleep deprivation.

So tomorrow we're headed to Manhattan Beach and I'm running a 5K on Saturday, the Jet to Jetty 5K at Vista Del Mar. The 5K training for 48 hours continues. I did have a decent workout of 800s earlier this week where I was consistent at 6:30-6:40 pace. I need to keep working on it. I'll have to see what sea level feels like this weekend and if it helps me run a little faster than my 23 minute 5Ks of late.

I do have some animal print stuff to wear, including an old animal print swimsuit that I looked much better in at age 35. Sorry to disappoint everyone but I won't be a Bo Derek at the beach.

Giving myself as much credit as possible, I might be a 6.5 on a good day when I'm not bloated from something I ate. And I don't think Bo Derek had a menopausal belly, sagging boobs, wrinkly thighs, or gray hair. And I don't have gray corn rows either.

I'll be more like the little old lady from Pasadena, taking my old body out for an occasional spin in an attempt to terrorize, sharpei, and chick the guys. (I included this video and then realized that there is a stupid baseless political ad at the beginning. Sorry. It offended me, so I put it on mute until the ad was over.)

The Little Old Lady From Pasadena by sirnarnian

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HappyTrails said...

Ok, I am one of THOSE who would've gone for that .44!!! Sorry! :-)
Have FUN at the beach and quit saying you are "old" - we are just "mature" and "seasoned". BTW - I hate wearing bathing suits anymore. :-)