Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Brownie & The Rocket

I have not lost my mind. Even though it would appear that a woman walking the streets pushing a hybrid bike trailer/baby stroller with a bag of brown mulch, and talking into her phone might seem like she crawled out of a cave (which she did!) and is off her meds (which she isn't!)...

I am just multitasking the best I can, dictating my various business and content ideas into my email while I get some exercise.

Last week was an incredibly busy week from a networking standpoint. I had some enlightening and highly motivating conversations with several different people. And I also participated in a Google Hangout with a number of international bloggers with similar interests trying to improve the patient experience interacting with the entire healthcare system and all its players. That was so cool.

I got my tire cover for my car, so now I'm officially promoting my soon-to-be-completed but not-soon-enough project.

If you want to see what it's all about, I now have a landing page, which you are welcome to visit.

So, among all these things, I'm still struggling with finding the motivation to get some sort of consistency in running and working out. Pushing the Rocket, whether it contains Isabelle or the bag of mulch, aka "Brownie", is a good workout, and I can get a lot of my thoughts down in voice memos and email messages. Occasionally I can tweet or post to Facebook, but I haven't tried doing a moving tweetchat yet. Eventually I might have a full moving desk, Bluetooth and all, though I'm not that technologically advanced yet, by intention.

I ran twice this past week and there were three days when I got some decent miles on my feet.

I did get an awakening yesterday when one of the runners I know from NorthCoast in Cleveland contacted me, asking if I was going to be there at the race this fall. Uh, no....but I realized it's been a year. A full year of not training like an athlete. September 20th was nationals last year. So I am telling myself that September 20th is when I need to start working on consistency again, even if I am not training for anything.

It's weird how for 30 years the priority of my day was getting my run in. And after just one year of a break, it's so hard to get started again.

But I have additional motivation now that the mornings have turned noticeably cooler. I need to make sure I can fit into my pants when I need to start wearing warmer clothes. I've been wearing skirts and dresses all summer. Now, for the reality check...

I am so looking forward to the cool weather. I have been in super hot flash mode lately, with the sleep disturbances and all. Hopefully this is it, finally, the real thing, now that I've slowed down and gained enough weight, menopause can finally catch up to me and stay. Bring it on!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Being Disruptive...and Loving It

Yes, that's me. Disruptive entrepreneur that I am, sitting in my woman cave in running shorts and sandals, commuting to work through the backyard garden, working in between dog cart runs.

If you hear someone say the word B.I.T.C.H...

maybe they meant Brazen Institutional Terrorist and Corporate Hellraiser, because I suppose that would be me. Dogma and bureaucracy be damned, I'm moving forward, glad to be independent of the weighted down, soggy conformist culture. Going on two years now.

Besides, Bitches beat Dogma, anyday.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it, too. I have a new student working with me, my exercise support group just started up again, I have some new clients, and I'm busy. Really busy!

Despite many distractions I have been getting some work done out here, but I can tell I need to put a stop to the social interactions soon and sequester myself for a few weeks to get things done. I have a big chunk of work that needs completion before I am ready to pay attention to some website details and then testing.

Went to Denver the other morning. What a beautiful sunrise, it redeemed the hour and 40 minute drive in traffic that should have only been an hour and ten. Damn, Denver is getting to be like California.

I will do almost anything to avoid crowds and traffic. I absolutely hate Denver traffic, especially I-25 between Northglenn and 270. It sucks, it's always backed up, and it was a parking lot for a good 20 minutes for that 4 mile stretch. Arrgh!

I was there because I went to a meetup group I heard about, it sounded interesting to me. It's a group of physicians and other professionals in health care and related industries called Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and it well was worth getting up at 4 am to drive down in traffic, and the hour and twenty minute drive back.

Let's just say I have found a great place to get support for my endeavors. There was a very good presentation, and just by listening to the members of the group in attendance, I have the opportunity to connect with some great minds!

The Bella seems to be doing fairly well, she goes for her rides, she's been more vocal and excited to see us, and hangs out with us more. The Canna-biscuits have been on board for only a couple of days, too soon to see if she's feeling better from them yet.

It's Labor Day weekend, and my niece Jenny is coming to visit us before she goes off to college in Oregon. She's a mini-me, in some ways, but I'm a lot shorter than her. She got her mom's height and the Nitzky weirdness. We'll wine and dine her, or beer her, whatever she wants, and take her to fun places. And take The Bella with us, of course, in the Rocket.

Running? Still on the horizon. I have a lot more work to do before I can stick to a workout schedule, but the Rocket works well, whether I take The 60 pound Bella or a 40 pound bag of mulch (or two), I'm getting a good workout, and I hope to return to running in fairly decent condition as a result.

Happy weekend all.