Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Packing for the Guilt Trip

Yesterday I couldn't motivate myself to do everything I needed to do, but I was excited about North Coast so I packed. I always avoid being too obvious about packing when I do it early, but somehow the girls sniff everything out, and once they figure it out, I might as well drag the bags out and fill them, because the girls become obsessed.

Spring has a loose grip on us now. Each day it looks closer to the day when the giant cottonwood trees behind our house will leaf out. The mornings are hovering around 32 degrees. Our yard used to be full of green and flowering plants but the past few years' drought has killed off much of the grass. It looks bad right now. Once the leaves come out that will look better, but it needs work and I'll use my recovery time in May restoring it.

Yesterday I didn't even get my butt out the door except for a brief walk with the girls! I might head up to the foothills today and run on trails. Tomorrow there's a 5K on the west side of town that I might run, only if I wake up early enough. It's called the Flying Pig 5K, a benefit for a local agency that supports families with someone in the family with cognitive disabilities.

I actually slept through the night last night. I wish I could bottle that. I think that's only the second time I've done that in the past 3 months.

I work on Monday. It's going to be chaotic at work over the next few weeks, because they are tearing the old, north part of the hospital building down, that used to house the administrative offices, for asbestos abatement and eventually they will build a whole new emergency department and outpatient services wing there. Our unit is at the end of the bridge to the parking garage, adjacent to the demolition site, and all foot traffic will be diverted for at least 6 weeks. That means we have to take all of our stuff in our lockers home because they are remodeling the area that is now our break room. Who needs breaks anyway?

I am glad I will be gone for the first 2 weeks of the construction chaos. They were originally going to wait but moved it up, that was what we were told Friday afternoon. Another one of those wonderful Friday afternoon announcements that the corporate world loves to make.

We're already jammed in and packed to the gills in our area, we don't even have room to squeeze our bodies in between the chairs and IV pumps, and now they're forcing all the nurses to use the bathrooms in our tiny space since they're taking away the breakroom bathrooms temporarily.

Should be fun times.

It's funny how fast they can get to work on an expensive capital improvement project but a simple thing like revamping an internal space with temporary walls and a few square feet to make it more accomodating for nurses is put off and ignored forever. Love the corporate world.

I'm suppressing another rant, only because I really need to get out and run.

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