Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Redneck Holiday

It's Isabelle's birthday and I doubled her age in miles. Poor Isabelle. She has to share her birthday on the day after the worst holiday that exists, as far as she's concerned. She shakes in terror the whole night before, every year, thanks to the almost universal (in this country) whims of dumbass redneck hicks who use what little intelligence they have to blow firecrackers out their asses on the day of July 4th and for several days before and after.

Have I told you how much I hate fireworks? I don't mind organized fireworks displays that are put on at public parks for large crowds of people. But the stray ones in town, and for the stupid people who set them off in fire-prone areas, I'm gonna kick your ass, mothafuckas!

Yes I'm labeling people today, because I am sick and tired of these ignorant selfish yahoos who have no concern that their behavior is inhumane to creatures who share the earth with them. Darwin Award candidates. I always hope they blow their fucking hands off. It pisses me off that I have to give my dogs sedatives for them to get through the night on July 4th.

I did a little over 26 miles today, super easy in 4:45, started at 10 am and finished around 3 pm. It was 75 degrees when I started and 93 when I finished. I ran a consistent pace throughout and felt good, especially in the heat. I did four 6+mile out & backs running around Warren Lake. I used the house as an aid station so I didn't carry too much, but I did fill my ice bandana and wrapped it around my neck the last two times.

I took the last two days off, my right hip flexors are not happy after my 30 miler at Horsetooth a week ago. I remember now that it was within the first mile as I started running downhill, before I was really warmed up, I felt a sharp sudden pain in one spot on the front of my right hip, but it went away after a few steps and didn't bother me the rest of the run. I was probably tight and strained the muscle there. I didn't feel it again until the next day, and it's just been an annoyance all week.

I iced and took a couple of days off, and everything felt fine today in the first 20 miles, by the end I could feel the sore spot again, and I iced when I got home. It was fine when I was running, it hurts when I put pressure on the spot with my hand. I had planned to run the Firecracker 5K on the 4th of July but slept in until 8 am, which was a better option. Speed and hills are what will aggravate this, so I'll take the opportunity to rest up for a while.

I think it needs a bit more time and more stretching and ice once things settle down. Next week will be an easy week for me, I might just stay on the bike since it's my low mileage week anyway. Then I have a week before I leave for Badwater. The time at Badwater usually doesn't involve much running at all when you're on medical. I will time it with my running schedule as a break.

I am so looking forward to this trip. I don't know if it's just the thought of being alone and isolated in my car from here to Las Vegas and having the time to think, or not think, or the memory of the dry hot wind baking me as I keep the AC off and the windows down, or what.

I had to go to Target the other day for a few things and I was having Las Vegas flashbacks while I was in there. I think it's because the only time I go to those stores is when I'm getting ready for a race, and it was hot, and there's this cheap plastic smell in those stores that also remind me of Las Vegas. All I know is that I'm looking forward to it. I also look forward to the grounding feeling again of being with my peeps...

There's also the visit to Sushi Koma. I'm looking forward to that too.

I'm glad July 4th is over. I'll be really glad when people run out of fireworks so we don't have to listen to that noise and the girls won't be scared. What is it about firecrackers that is such a thrill? Do we all have to be a bunch of stupid rednecks like Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo-Boo? What has happened to pride in human potential? July 4th makes me think we've entirely dumbed ourselves down to big, fat, selfish, ignorant stubs. RAH-RAH USA. God bless Murrica. Oh but we're good Christians, see, we're waving our big fat red white and blue cross with stars and stripes on it.

It's my flag too. Don't hijack it with your religion. I don't share your fervor. Oh, by the way, when you try to get into heaven, you might think twice about waving that USA flag at the pearly gates. I don't think any divine being could be too happy with what the stars and stripes represents these days, the leaders of this country completely self-interested and tone-deaf to the needs of the people who reside there...

Last night there were a bunch of dweebs sitting out in the adjacent street setting off fireworks, sitting in lawn chairs right on the curb, with 4 adults drinking cans of beer and three little kids who were going out in the street to light them, and there were a couple of dogs too. I have never seen these people before, they were sitting next to a truck, I think they were visiting someone in the neighborhood. But I was walking by and I was creeped out first of all by the scene, but even more so by one of the creepy men leering at me as I walked by on the opposite side of the street.

First of all setting off fireworks in town is illegal. And it's a fire hazard, even though this year we've had more moisture, there's still dry grass everywhere. Of course no one pays attention to those common sense things, except for the people who have pets and are disturbed by the emotional response of their pets to the noise. These fireworks boneheads are likely the same people who think it's okay to open carry guns in restaurants and stores. No empathy for other human beings, or animals. I always wish they'd do us all a favor with their guns and shoot their own heads off by accident and win the Darwin Award.

I'm hoping I get to catch up on some sleep tonight with calm Buffaloes.

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