Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, October 12, 2012

FAC at the Woman Cave: Fence Fighting

Does anybody else think the Vice Presidential debate last night was like a fence fight between two dogs? Having that line dividing them down the center of the screen made it even more like a fence fight. Not sure if it was broadcast that way on TV, but the way I watched the debate on the Internet, it reminded me of the Buffaloes when they're fence fighting.

I thought the questions were better, the moderating was better even if there is some question about conflict of interest regarding Raddatz's ties to the Democratic Party. Reagrdless, Martha Raddatz obviously has a set of ovaries on her. Jim Lehrer didn't assert himself at all, he should have grown some ovaries.

The idea of Paul Ryan as a vice president scares the living crap out of me, and I loved the way Biden threw up his hands and dramatized the bit about the Great Recession- where did it come from? It was so much more entertaining to watch than the boring debate between Romney and Obama. That wasn't even a debate.

We're hanging out this Friday afternoon at the woman cave, and Iris and Isabelle are getting some vigorous fence fighting in with the neighbor dogs. Go Buffs! I'm having a very cold New Belgium Red Hoptober ale.

I think I'm fixed. I woke up this morning and got out of bed much less stiff than I've been for the past few weeks. Seems like whatever adjustment needed to be made with my body has been made.

I just hope it lasts until OKC, at least. I ran an easy 7 miles today, first with the girls. I felt good. My legs were tired but didn't feel bad, and I know having two days off running over the weekend while I work will help. I wrapped up a 70 mile week today and I feel good, I feel like I'm on track for Across the Years.

It's cold and crisp outside today. It would be a perfect day for hot tubbing, but the control panel on our hot tub is dead. Everything works, but we can't control anything. So it will need to be replaced.

The hot tub repairman also got the volcano soak today, he turned on the jets and the broken dial flew off and he got the geyser treatment. That was a minor fix compared to the control panel, which I am sure will be expensive. Haven't heard the verdict on that yet, they're supposed to call after they find the parts. I'm sure it will hurt.

Just a bunch of miscellaneous things running through my head this Friday afternoon, before I go into my work weekend, which I hope to survive.

I spent some time this morning reading some of the medical e-mail newsletters I get. Some interesting things in the news regarding the steroid injections that were being made by a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts, that was already identified as a violator of some other regulations.

Looks like there will be some serious investigating to be done regarding why this pharmacy was manufacturing a drug that it was only supposed to be compounding, which is intended for small batches. Whether it's greed, or lack of funding the FDA to investigate thoroughly, or negligence, or many different sources of error, it needs to be addressed. People are developing fungal meningitis from contaminated vials of the steroid injections.

Why are people receiving these injections anyway? Mostly for chronic back pain. Degenerative arthritic changes are responsible for many of these cases, but chronic back pain can be a result of a lot of things, such as being overweight, in poor physical condition, sedentary lifestyle...

I read a blogpost by a physician that talked about medical professionals and healthy lifestyles, it quoted some statistics about 13% of doctors being obese, and 25% of nurses. Whether that's accurate and where the numbers came from are good questions, but I find it hard to believe that health care professionals differ that much from the general population. The post went on to say that medical professionals who exemplify healthy lifestyles are more willing to encourage their patients to adopt health-promoting behaviors.

From my observations I think there are huge numbers of overweight health care and medical professionals but as far as obesity goes, I see more of that in nurses, less in doctors. I wouldn't even be surprised if nurses are more obese than the general population given the nature of their workstyles and lifestyles. But I have no data to back those assertions.

All I can say is, the entire profession of nursing needs an overhaul, it's like a big obese dinosaur that has somehow managed to survive by eating its young, by obesifying them first, then swallowing them whole.

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