Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunset: Three Views

Time to get back to running and the good stuff.

I took a whole week off from running last week, all I did was walk the girls. My feet are in the process of getting ready to shed the blisters, soon I will be able to peel those old calluses off, but not yet. I have three toenails that are painful and I'm ready to pull them out, but they aren't ready yet. When I'm trying to get comfortable at night, every time the sheets hit those toenails, they hurt! I think after all of this I might only have four toenails left.

Last night I was driving home from a client appointment and I saw the sky and knew I had to stop at the lake to take pictures. I got Longs Peak, Horsetooth Rock and the mountains in between. I live in such a beautiful place. So lucky to have this in my backyard.

I went out for an easy 3 mile run yesterday and I felt creaky. Not ready to dive back into it. I did set my bike up on the trainer and will start that this week, and go to the pool at least once.

Tonight I am talking on a radio show, on the local public radio station, about how we can improve on breast cancer awareness efforts and about pinkification. It's a half hour show. Eventually the podcast will be available.

I'm enjoying the fall colors, which are peaking right now in town. The trees are dropping their leaves fast and soon it will be back to winterscape. We've had such mild temperatures, we've only had frost a couple of times so far. The raspberries and tomatoes continue to grow and ripen.

It's always a tough time of year for me with running, I love fall and would like to be out running long in this weather, but I need the break so badly. There are so many runs I'd like to do. I go for walks, and I can get out and hike, as I plan on doing later this week. At some point the season has to end and my body has to go into hibernation for at least a short time. Winter will be here soon enough. For now, I'll soak in the colors at a slow pace, as long as they last.

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