Monday, January 7, 2013

Can't Get Enough

Maybe this is impulsive but I decided today that since I have the opportunity to go down and run the Pemberton Trail 50K in my former home of Fountain Hills, AZ, the second weekend in February, and the timing, distance, and terrain are perfect for in-between ATY and Delano Park, and it's an easy weekend trip, I'm doing it.

So I signed up today. Brian Wieck's race at Pemberton is a family event, he and his parents Joan & Keith were our neighbors in Fountain Hills, and I used to run that trail all the time when I lived there. It's so beautiful in the park, and it's a mid-winter treat to go down there when the poppies are sometimes beginning to bloom if it's an early spring in the desert.

I also made my airline and hotel reservations for the Delano Park trip today. Finding a hotel that doesn't have six and eight-legged creepy crawly things in it was a challenge, but I got the same word from two sources that I should check out the Holiday Inn in Decatur. It's not pretty, they say, but there were no complaints of mold, bedbugs, spiders, cockroaches, cigarette smoke, cracking porcelain in the bathroom fixtures that threatened to collapse under your weight, hairs and other body fluid stains from former occupants, and so on, like the other hotels.

I went for my first run this morning since ATY. Just 6 miles, with a few short strides. My legs felt tired but not terrible. Tomorrow it's back to tempo runs with Wheaties Boy.

I've been feeling like I'm slowly starting to shake these two vague ailments that aren't really like a bad GI virus, or an upper respiratory thing, but I've been extremely tired and had a mild sore throat and cough, but it feels more like leftover dust from Arizona than any kind of cold.

The GI thing kept moving in one direction, I'm not sure what it was. Seems to be gone, but not before I experienced stuff coming out both ends. Ugh. Everyone here is sick and I'm just trying not to be coughed on by patients. I already wash my hands until they shrivel up on a daily basis, so I'm not sure what more I can do.

I survived a busy, relentless work weekend and then an extra shift this afternoon that was crazy. I should have a bad work hangover by now but I'm just tired tonight. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow. I have the day off, I can take a nap, but then I have a full day of work on Wednesday, so I don't really get my life back until Thursday.

January and February are already shaping up to be busy months in my life. In a good way. Seems like I didn't even get a chance to breathe and here it is spring already. I guess that's the way I like it. I just hope I can get the training in! I need someone to hold me very accountable and kick my butt into doing my speedwork regularly. That will be the key. Wheaties Boy!!!

I have more exciting stuff to report but I'm really too brain dead to blog anymore right now. I'll save it for the next post.


giraffy said...

Dude, I've had some head fogging funk for DAYS. Bah. Feel better!

Alene Gone Bad said...

Brain fog sucks. You feel better soon, too...