Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Squarepants and Curl Lips

This is the curl lip. Anyone familiar with Australian Shepherds has seen it. It means, "I'm watching you, and I can't figure out what your problem is."

The problem, in this case, is that I was preparing to eat people food in front of her. I was so hungry at the end of my run tonight!
Today I did an easy six mile run in the morning, after a trip to King Soopers to get dog food, dog treats, and a few people things. I wanted to beat the madness of the next few days. I hate grocery shopping around the holidays.

Food is such an obsession around the holidays, worse than it usually is, there's so much of it, and it's so bad. It's a giant obesification ritual. Just being in the grocery store makes you want to go on a hunger strike. I wish people would find something else to do with themselves than reach for food, put it in their mouth, gulp it down, and repeat until comatose.

Back to my run, I did some strides this morning, for the first time since before my race in Oklahoma. Last week I wanted to do them but my mind couldn't force my body to do any. But today, it wasn't too bad. I managed to get the kinks out, I felt a little rusty at first, but I think my muscles are starting to remember how to do it.

Then tonight, I ran with Wheaties Boy, the tempo run. I didn't expect much, but I felt surprisingly good and we ended up with 11.2 miles at 8:19 per mile average pace. Not bad. It's my first decent run since the race. I felt good and it didn't feel like that hard of an effort. I had no idea we were running that pace.

Tomorrow will be an easy day, maybe a few strides, but I'll be running the 4 mile turkey trot on Thursday morning before work.
Tonight, I put my squarepants on, and I'm relaxing, with a nice endorphin high, hanging with the girls. It feels good to run like a runner again. The only problem with running races, is that you have to recover. Three weeks felt like forever!

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