Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Loose Animals Stampeding Between Naps

Today this sign is perfect for the day.

Today our neighbors behind us are having the fence replaced and I'm keeping the girls in so they don't herd the guys working out there. They would have no fence to fight across, so they would be loose bison!

As Wheaties Boy says often, "Let the animal out" and I did that today with whatever was left in my legs for cemetery mile repeats, which wasn't much! My legs are toast for speed even though I took yesterday off. That's okay, I need to get them going again and usually it takes a few weeks before they respond. Today my splits were between 30 and 50 seconds slower than the last mile repeat workout I did. Wheaties Boy was blazing fast, as usual.

I can always tell how fast I'm going without looking at my watch by how far ahead he is at different points in the mile loop. Today, I ate Wheaties Boy's dust. There was a loose bison mom aka Buffmom, Mom of Buffaloes, in the cemetery this morning, at the back of the stampede.

I woke up at 2:55 am, 5 minutes before my alarm went off, and left the house just before 4 to meet Wheaties Boy. We only needed our headlamps for the first mile, then the sun was up. We should enjoy this daylight for at least another 6 weeks where we won't need our headlamps much.

I was home by 6 am and I had 9+ miles done. I wanted to get at least 20 today and hoped to be able to finish right after the speed workout, but I was toast. So tired and hungry, I just wanted to eat and sleep.

I came home and made some blueberry pancakes and scarfed those down, and then I showered and got in bed and slept until 9:30. Then I took Iris for a short run and after bringing her home, I went out to finish my run. I decided to head over to the track because I wanted to be someplace where I could relax and not worry about traffic, and let the miles happen.

When I got there I saw some runners I know finishing up their speed workout, and I started out by running a cooldown with them. Then I got into my pace and cranked out miles on the track for about an hour and headed home. I ended up with 22 miles for the day. Now I'm ready for food again and another nap before I have to run out to set up my booth for tomorrow at the 5K.

My legs actually felt decent in the long miles, I just didn't have any turnover this morning. That will come back. I'm not running the 5K tomorrow, and I plan to do some Rock Repeats this weekend to get some hills in.

Let the animal out! After another nap!

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