Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work Hangover Wednesday: Twinkies, Pie, and Tempo

I am now the proud owner of a pair of....


Thanks to Felix, and his cats Oreo and Tiger, who left a little holiday-wrapped present on my doorstep the other day, which I found when I got home from work.

I survived the last two days of work plus a third morning today with a 7 am staff meeting. I couldn't just sit there and zone out, either, I had to give a presentation along with a coworker, plus I had another agenda item at the meeting that was mine, so I had to be fully awake. Always a challenge for me at 7 am.

It was super slow at work on Monday, probably due to an extension of the holiday weekend. But Tuesday everyone came charging back, and we had all the fun plus some...

I did bring my gigantic pumpkin pie to work on Monday, along with a can of whipped cream, and my coworkers helped me eat it. It was gone by 3 pm. Nurses are amazing eating machines.

I was pretty worthless today after the staff meeting, I came home, and despite Iris's efforts to convince me to get her outside, I couldn't do it. I needed food, and a nap. That was all I could handle. I got a long nap during the afternoon, and then I met Wheaties Boy at the usual time and place for our tempo run.

I did about 12.2 miles tonight, and I thought I was running pretty well, according to his Garmin we were hitting 8:07 pace for a lot of the run, but according to my calculations I only averaged 8:33 pace. Must have slowed down a bit somewhere. We did have a few hills this time, too, and Hail Mary hill was one of them.

Hail Mary hill is on south Lemay, north of Fossil Creek park, across from a big Catholic church, hence the name...

I felt pretty good on the run, but Hail Mary was a reminder that I haven't been doing hills. I will start again after the new year, when I'll be doing once or twice weekly runs up at Horsetooth. I might need to get my butt down and do some Hail Marys before then, though, I can tell I am pathetic on my hill strength.

Not much on the agenda this week. Just personal business I need to take care of, in between running. I should be getting a good upper body workout when I take the girls running, because I noticed tonight the sidewalks are now covered with Iris's favorite delicacy. The geese are back for the winter.

Snack time!


mike_hinterberg said...

Hail Mary Hill: I like it!
I usually run it on the East side of the road, from the obvious bottom to the electrical junction box just over the crest. It is a good sprinterval for this side of town.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Hail Mary!