Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Work Hangover Wednesday: The Flying Nun

I know, it's Thursday. I'm delirious. I usually work Monday and Tuesday so it would be a work hangover on Wednesday, but this week I worked Tuesday and Wednesday due to the July 4th holiday. Two wacked-out crazy days at work. The kind of days where you try to sit down for 30 seconds and something happens to make you jump up.

Today is Isabelle's 11th birthday and we're celebrating tonight with pupcakes and party hats. I'll post the pictures later. Isabelle is our flying nun. Her little pointy ears with the tufts of hair that stick up, and we call her Sister Bella. I'm hoping to get rid of my work hangover with a good nap this afternoon.

Those two twelve hour shifts were the longest days I can remember in a while. They must have lasted at least 24 hours each. It seemed like it was never ending, we were full all day, but somehow we turned over the chairs enough to keep patients coming in the door. It was a blur, but it took forever to get through the day.

All I know is the patients were jammed in practically on top of each other, we needed so many nurses that we didn't have enough computers for all of us to use, and we were working on top of each other, and when you work in as small a space as we do, with equipment and people and phones ringing and general craziness, it feels like total chaos.

One of my patients did comment that she was amazed at how well we all work together even in a crowded and chaotic environment. We did manage to have some fun, in between. It seemed like all I did was chemotherapy all day. A lot of young people for some reason, on the fourth. That's always a bummer to see people barely out of their teens dealing with the rigorous chemo treatments.

My delirium looks something like this.

Tonight I'm going to do my evening tempo run with Shannon, but I haven't been feeling worth a crap on my runs. Plus the fact that it's humid- nearly 60% humidity and in the 90s, which we are not used to here, certainly not used to running hard in it, and this morning I had another 5 mile sufferfest on my easy little run. It wasn't the heat and humidity though. I just couldn't move my legs. I had no turnover and it felt like my thighs were full of lead.

If I get a decent nap this afternoon things might go better this evening. After the run, we're having the birthday party.

I'm planning to get serious and concentrate on the speed after Badwater, but I'm hoping I feel decent by this weekend on my runs. We're supposed to finally get some rain. I hope we do.

I took the girls for a walk to Arfy's this morning to get pupcakes. We are very sad, we found out Arfy's is closing! It's been open for about 15 years and they just can't keep their heads above water with their little retail store. The girls will miss their walks over there and getting special treats. I don't know what I'll do, maybe have to learn how to bake my own doggie treats? It won't be the same without those special walks.

I got a new snake for Iris and pupcakes for both of them, they are selling everything in the store, so I guess I should think about what buffalo supplies I might need and get them soon. Isabelle doesn't play with toys. Iris plays with toys and Isabelle plays by biting Iris's butt when Iris has the toy in her mouth.

I need to go get serious, I have to do some studying and get that nap. I hope I won't feel so bad when I wake up.

But it can't be too bad with these two characters around.

Here's a link to the birthday party pics, in case you're a bit odd like me, interested in such things as doggie birthday parties...


Mike said...

Love the party pics!! Especially the one with Isabelle at the table with her hat.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Thanks Mike, I'll let Isabelle know she's getting rave reviews.
By the way, I think I'm going to back out of doing Lean Horse myself, I've had enough of the Mickelson Trail for one summer. Hope to meet you at a different race someday!