Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beer and Clothing in Las Vegas

Here's how my day started: The train at DIA that takes you from security to the gates stalled and all the lights went out.

People are dumb as cows, they continued to pile on to the darkened train like a cattle car. By the time the lights went on it was packed and the doors wouldn't close.

Do you think they had the common sense to get off and wait for the next train?

Once we boarded the plane a young 20 something chick sat down next to me, reeking of cigarettes. She had a wicked smoker's cough which of course she did not even try to cover her mouth with her hand.

I had one of my oncology journals with me so I turned it to a 2 page spread of an ad for a type of chemo for metastatic lung cancer and left it flipped open on my lap for the duration of the flight.

I arrived in Vegas after a quick but turbulent flight.

I picked up my rental car and was out of the airport in 20 minutes. I felt a little queasy from the flight but I was hungry too.

I decided to go check out the sushi place my friend Pam told me about. It was an easy drive on the freeway.

Awesome! It's called Sushi Freak and it was worth the trip.

After that I checked into the hotel and then went to Walmart.

I scored. Eight dollar bras at the Spring Valley Walmart. No more chafing.

I got a glimpse of this classic Walmartian fashion statement: the blurry thong in the picture. Nice. Plus they had touristy stuff for Vegas in there. Now who would go to Vegas to visit a Walmart?

Beats me.

I got a case of water and a big towel to throw over the steering wheel and vinyl in the car when I'm parked in Death Valley so I don't burn the crap out of myself. I remembered to bring my shade screen. Living in Arizona does teach you some things about the heat.

It actually rained a little while I was driving around and the temperature in Vegas was a cool 86 degrees when I arrived. Cooler than Fort Collins!

I have to admit it's a little strange, even lonely, to be here this year without my entourage. Walmart isn't the same experience without Felix and the rest of the crew.

But I do this to get some sleep, because once I get to Furnace Creek, there won't be much sleeping for a few days. We'll be too busy having fun.

So...I might have a beer and relax, take a shower and wash the day's travel grunge off me, and chill out. Tomorrow morning, Furnace Creek!


Cedric Meyer said...


Break a leg! Us armchair critics are absolutely green with envy. I will be following closely; this is the exciting part.

p.s It's raining cats and dogs in cape Town. I am going for a walk on the beach.

Cedric Meyer said...


Break a leg; us armchair critics are absolutely green with envy. I will be following very closely - this is the most interesting part.

By the way, it's raining cats and dogs in cape Town. I am going for a walk on the beach.

HappyTrails said...

Ahhh, Bad Alene, you are so good - nice job in leaving the book open - hopefully she could read (ok, now I'm being bad). Glad you got a satisfying Walmart fix. And, even though I'm not a huge sushi person, those rolls look delicious! Even though this Badwater is different than before, you will still have fun and bring home great memories spent with wonderful folks. Have fun!