Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day: What a Drag!

This is my new toy, just started playing with it this week.

Dennis and I put this tire drag together using Marshall's instructions, and it took all of an hour and a half to do it, including gathering the supplies. I used a free old tire from a junkyard, got about 10 feet of climbing rope and a carabiner from REI, a bungee cord, and a padded weight belt for $20 from Sports Authority. Total cost less than $30.

First, the inspector had to check it out, for quality control.

Once it met Isabelle's approval, I tried it out.

It works. It's awesome! Now I have to figure out some good places to play, with a nice grade, where there isn't much traffic and there won't be too many gawkers.

I'll be using this to help me prepare for my little adventure this summer. I'm still looking into used baby joggers on e-Bay and other places. I'll be making reservations this month, and once I have things fairly well-organized, I'll blog about it.

Fourteen miles this morning, two with the buffs, one with the tire, and 11 more unattached. I ran the Power Trail. It's sort of a gloomy morning, the clouds are hanging out and the breeze is starting to pick up. It wasn't too cold, maybe 35 degrees, but I wore three layers on top and my thickest tights anyway. This is my work weekend so I don't have a lot of days to run this week. That's okay, as long as I get my quality workouts in. I need to do hills and I hope it's not brutally cold and windy tomorrow for that. But if it is, I'll tough it out anyway.

It is February and the days are noticeably longer. It was still light at 5 pm. Another 5 weeks and we change the clocks again. Can that be possible? Spring is on its way, even if we get hit with a snowy month or two this year.

If you follow the famous rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, he saw his shadow this morning, so it looks like 6 more weeks of winter. Judging by our weather forecast, that is true. We've lost our sunny 50+ degree days for at least the next week. But the forecast isn't too bad, just a bit colder with a little snow, nothing major expected. I'm not a big fan of Phil. I say it's just a brief reprieve from spring, which has already been here for a month. Positive thoughts.

Whitewalls up!


giraffy said...

Goodness. That thing is INTENSE.

I wuss out of running outside when it's sub-50*. I'm a spoiled, spoiled runner. Bring on spring!

Alene Gone Bad said...

Heather, I know it looks like a medieval torture device. Maybe it will make me taller? I'll let you know if it works, then you can try it. I agree, cold weather is not very fun at times, but I'm trying to bring my body back to the reality of living in Colorado after years in Arizona. I'd prefer 120 degrees any day.

Paul Owen said...

Hi Alene. I've just started my own blog over the pond, here in the UK. Did a bit of searching on the net and came across yours. Really interesting stuff, so thought I would let you know. Its interesting for me as a Brit to look at the stuff that keeps you Americans running and the races you do.
I resolved at the start of 2012 to try to run every day this year. I want to get to 2500 miles and will get a few ultras in, albeit probably not a 100 plus. Did that for the last two years and thought I would concentrate for once on lowering my marathon time. Anyway, great blog.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Paul, thanks for your comment. Good luck with your running goals! I hope you'll keep coming back.

Paul Owen said...

Alene, certainly will. Good luck to you as well.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Paul, just checked out your blog. It looks like you have some beautiful places to run! Good luck with your blog and your 366 day challenge.