Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Fresh Start

The past few days have been quiet, I'm home with the Buffaloes and wrapping up Badwater business. I haven't done much thinking about Badwater except for re-living the experience in my head, which is a nice escape.

It's amazing how not needing to heat train has changed my attitude, I've been thinking about air conditioning. It's been warm in Ft. Collins and immersing myself in a cooler full of ice sounds good now.

I did go for a 20 mile bike ride the other day. I could have kept going, but my feet were screaming in my cleats. They're still slightly swollen and the blisters itch. Last night I finally went all the way through my race goodie bag and found all kinds of nice skin care products from Kiehl's, once of the race sponsors. There was this bottle of mineral salts to put in the bath, and that's what I did.

I am planning to ride again today and tomorrow if I have the energy. I might even go up to Estes Park and get out of town one last time before I go back to work.

The other day I spoke with Miles from the paper, he interviewed me about the race and came over to take a picture of me with my buckle. He's doing a follow-up story to the one he did in May.

Yesterday I did try taking the girls for a walk, but I only made it one and a half blocks from my house before my feet started hurting, so I had to turn around. Looks like the only thing I'll be able to do for a while is ride my bike. I suppose I could swim at 24 hour fitness, but I need to get a swimsuit. It took a good 3 weeks after Across the Years before I was able to run, I expect it will take at least that long this time.

I did come up with a short list so far of things I could do next time to improve my race, things I will do differently next time. I'll add that to my earlier post and keep compiling my thoughts there.

It's a cool morning and I'm going to try riding to Loveland. I might have to bring a knife or pair of scissors in case I need to cut holes in my cleats.

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