Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

In Like a Lion...

What a week!

Starting with the dog bite incident last Saturday, the week unfolded into further bits of unwanted disruption. But we're still here, feet on the ground, AND breathing. Deep breaths.

Sunday the dog catcher (animal control) came over to take a statement from me. I felt like I couldn't really let go of the incident until I got a chance to say what happened. The animal control officer was really nice and helpful. The rabies was expired so the dog went to be quarantined at the pound. They cited Honey Boo Boo for 4 violations, so she'll be paying through the nose and I will also be sending her my medical bills.

Turns out the dog's rabies vaccine expired last August, so I wasn't too worried about would still have antibodies. At least I got out of that.

Then it was back to work. Other than having to get my butt dressing changed twice a day and the tape breaking down my skin, making it more painful every time, I was doing okay.

The Wheels Come Off

Wednesday night Dennis's ball joint broke on his left front axle, the wheel came off just as he was turning onto a side street in our neighborhood. Lucky he was going about 5 mph when it happened. I wasn't even awake- I was sleeping because I had to wake up at 4 to drive to Denver in the morning with my student for SoPE- Society of Physician Entrepreneurs meeting.

Dennis took the day off on Thursday, got the car towed to Toyota, and rented a car. I always remind myself money does grow on trees, though. It is a renewable resource. And we haven't gotten an estimate yet...

Early in the week the gauze and tape dressing got to the point where it hurt worse than the bite, so we switched to waterproof tegaderm-like patches. By Thursday I graduated to little bandaids. I couldn't do my abdominal exercises that required sitting on my butt. I didn't run all week.

By the weekend I was ready to run again. Saturday I ran Coyote Ridge with a friend and did well on the trails. That was 7 1/2 miles and felt so refreshing. This morning I ran 6 miles on the roads and did some faster strides. And...I stood on the scale and I'm down to 132 after 3 weeks of cutting back on beer, and watching what I eat. Only 12 pounds to go.

By the end of this week I should have a pretty good idea of when I can launch Cancer Harbors, my online service. I met a journalist at the SoPE meeting and will be able to get a company pitch in his publication. I'm plugging away at the last minute details.

This week is looking a bit crazy at the beginning, but Thursday is my birthday and I plan to do something for myself that day. Not sure what. You only turn 52 once.

I really wanted to go off on a rant in this blogpost but I'll save it for later. Something about irresponsible people who have no sense of connection or responsibility to other people. Yes it has to do with irresponsible dog owners, like the girl I saw today with the pit bull. The dog was wearing a leash, yes, but it was not connected to its owner. I probably wouldn't have even noticed except that I am hyperaware since the bite. But also about people with irresponsible attitudes about guns and people who attend Donald Trump rallies. I don't have the energy tonight. But I wish these Darwin award contenders would hurry up and get it over with before they pollute the gene pool any further.

That's all I've got left tonight. Later...

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