Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beer, Bacon Boobs, and Blight...

Just another Sunday afternoon in the Fort. The things that happen when you least expect them...never a dull moment!

Yesterday while I was out running and Dennis was with his friends at the Brewfest, there was an article in the paper alerting the public to a potential Hepatitis A outbreak traced to a restaurant where we eat frequently. We happened to eat there on the exact day to which they traced the source. It's been about 20 years since I had a Hepatitis A vaccine and thirty years for Dennis, so we decided we should go get vaccines. They advised online registration, so I did it and we had an appointment to go to the Larimer County health department at 1:40 p.m.

The registration shot back this e-mail, confirming our "tickets to the event". Like it was a concert...

Apparently so did a gazillion other people. When we got there, there were huge lines, people waiting to register, waiting to be screened, waiting for vaccines, waiting for immune globulin shots. They were all there for the same reason. I never realized how many people could be affected within a short period of time at a single restaurant. I saw quite a few familiar faces there, not from the restaurant, but just from around town. A lot of people eat there.

We waited in line and it wasn't too bad, we were in and out of there in 30 minutes. Now we are good to eat wherever we want, even the dumpsters!

But seriously, I noticed a few things at the health department. One was that the nurses giving the shots were not obviously washing or sanitizing their hands between clients, and that they were not wearing gloves while giving the shots. When you're dealing with public and large numbers of people, especially with the prevalence of viruses like Hepatitis C (not A, we're talking C, the blight of my generation) and who knows what other communicable diseases in blood and body fluids, you better be wearing gloves.

Anyway that was my observation, from the nurse in me. I got the shot anyway, and Dennis did too. He was giving everyone a hard time by saying he was turning into a zombie and was craving raw meat. That's the crazy dude I'm married to.
I got the shot in my left arm and it didn't hurt until afterwards, and so far it's not bad. I got a cute little blue bandaid. As we were leaving we saw some other people from the running club and stopped for a minute to talk.

We had to wait for two trains on the way home!

One was at Vine and Lemay, waiting for the endless train to go by. We decided to turn off at Lincoln and stop at Odell's for a beer. Dennis got a Nitro Five Barrel, and I had a Town Pump "Pail" Ale. Bitchen Swill.

While we sat there drinking our beers we observed the influx of people from the Brewfest and others. We got there just in time, because no sooner did we sit down at a table when a huge pile of people came in. Maybe 50 people arrived all at once. And they were HUGE...

There was one guy we called Bacon Boobs. He was easily 400 pounds, and was wearing one of those periodic chart t-shirts that said, Ba Co N, stretched across his man boobs. HUGE. Those boobs were much bigger than mine. Spectacularly Awesome. That shirt was made for him. He was sitting with two female companions and between the three of them they easily weighed 1000 pounds. Wow. I could not take a picture of Mr. Bacon Boobs though.

Then we got this view across from us. Much smaller person, but still...I think Bacon Boobs was easier on the eyes than the total package attached to this set of underwear, I spared you the front side.

One the way home from Odell, there was ANOTHER train at Riverside and Lemay! We circumvented it by going down to Timberline and driving home that way. What the train hell! Another fun fact about living in Fort Collins. The multiple trains that always block traffic at the most inconvenient times, typically at rush hours.

At least we avoided sitting in traffic in the 91 degree heat. A good beer is the perfect way to take the edge off a Hepatitis A vaccine. Just in case you ever need that bit of information.

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