Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's Harvest

An hour run in the pool today, plus afterwards I jumped in the lap lanes and swam 100 meters. That was all. I can't even remember how to flip myself over at the end of the lane. I am a really pathetic swimmer. But I have to start somewhere. Maybe tomorrow I can swim 200 meters. Or 400. I did figure out that early in the day is best, there are no kids at the pool that early. Peace and quiet is what I need.

I felt quite the work hangover this morning, in the form of brain fog. I woke up at my usual time but was unable to fall asleep last night until late. This morning getting out of bed I felt a big pop in my back, and then I felt better. Not sure if things realigned themselves, or what, but running in the pool felt great and I'm not in pain today.

I stopped by Whole Foods to order a cake for a coworker, we're celebrating her birthday this Saturday, and they had this Hatch Green Chile Corn Chowder that smelled irresistible. I got a small container of that and had it for lunch.

In the back yard I picked some yellow squash that were starting to grow too big, today's harvest of cherry tomatoes which are out of control, and the few raspberries that got ripe since yesterday. There is no end to the things you can do with cherry tomatoes.

I'm enjoying this low key day, with my Buffaloes. When Dennis gets home we're going out, it's his birthday. Time for a nap, for now.

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