Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few Peeps Out of Me...

Twenty-one miles in 3:17 with Wheaties Boy mostly on the bike paths, which are clear, but a few icy stretches to slow things down. It was 9 degrees when I left the house to run. By the time we were done it was 20 degrees. The wind never became an issue, which helped.

My legs were okay until about 15 miles, then the wheels came off and I really struggled to keep any decent turnover for the last few miles, I was driving my arms as hard as I could, trying to keep myself going, but it was pathetic. I think I'm still another week away from being recovered from Delano Park. Wow. It's taking a while.

NorthCoast will be here soon, and then we go into our mandatory no-vacation summer at work. I'm looking forward to the down time after NorthCoast, I'll get on the bike some, and use the month of May to recover and refresh my legs. Then I'll be spending the summer working on the basics, strength, hills, speed, and a little racing with my PI outfit on.

Sleep has been an issue, due to the waking up in a sweat several times a night. I'm trying to make sleep a priority because if I'm exhausted from not sleeping well, then nothing goes well. I have my share of stress right now and I don't need poor sleep to make things worse.

I just got off the phone talking with my stepmom for an hour. I needed to vent about all the changes at work and the stress it's causing. Healthcare reform has not addressed the problem of the profitmongers, and until our society decides it's had enough of profitmongering, we're all going to suffer.

I don't know what the tipping point will be.


HappyTrails said...

Glad that you were able to get 21 miles in. Bummed that the wheels came off at 15 but you made it. 21 is 21 despite not being the peppy 21 you had hoped for. It will come back. The summer of shorter races with your PI kit may be a refreshing change for your body and mind.

I am very nervous about the direction the supposed healthcare reform is going. I don't see that it has solved anything but possibly made it worse. Unfortunately, money and power are synonymous and have driven our world since the beginning of time. I am disgusted beyond measure when I hear polititians, regardless of party affiliation, who say they represent and identify with middle class America. None of them do. None of them reach into their own millionaire pockets to help stop the bleeding. All of them are completely out of touch, don't genuinely care despite their pathetic, phoney-baloney lip-service, and exclude themselves from the rules and laws they pass and force us to adhere to under threat of fines or jail. OK, you got me going..... time to shut me down.... :-)

Glad to see the girls are still getting a taste of their seasonal Peeps.... :-)

Alene Gone Bad said...

I think you are right on about healthcare going in a bad direction. We need it so badly, but the corporate and big interests like hospital organizations, insurance companies, big pharma, etc have their hands in the cookie jar and all the legisation is designed to protect their interests. All the crap they feed us is B.S. Our system of government is not working for the people at all. It needs an overhaul. There is no party that has the people's interest in mind. I had actually written a much longer rant but took it out of the blogpost because I feel like it's a running blog and there's only so much room for discussing my miserable nursing life. Perhaps I'll start a nursing blog for those topics.

mike_hinterberg said...

Did you read the "Time" article ("Bitter Pill") last month? Good summary of the problems with hospital/health-care profiteering.

We're intimately familiar (and also stressed) about the changes your describing from the employment standpoint -- you are very much not alone! -- but also from the patient standpoint, which makes it doubly-frustrating.

Health-care reform? We didn't go far enough. So many civilized countries to visit without the bureaucracy and paperwork nightmare.
Hey, though, KP in Northern Colorado -- I'm hoping that will be "healthy" competition all around. We had them in CA and it was nice to go to the doctor, not fill out forms, not get bills.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Mike, yes I read Brill's article in Time. It will be good to have competition in town when Kaiser moves in, from a lot of different perspectives: for patients and employment in health care. And the problems of profiteering will go on until people get tired of being squeezed out of their comfort zone. Something has to happen, there are politicians who are already trying to roll back laws to protect people's rights in labor, voting, and other protections we worked so hard to achieve in the past. From a nursing perspective, all of these staffing cuts are only due to policies, policies that sacrifice patient safety in the name of "reform" but reform is just a code word for enabling greed and concentrating resources at the top of the corporate hierarchy. I could go on forever about this, but I'm thinking I need to write a separate nursing blog!