Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Foot, Beer and Fish Tacos

Things are looking better every day for my upcoming trip to Death Valley. That's good, because I need a distraction from the past week. Yesterday I was saying things are good.

They're okay. Can I whine tonight??

Continued shitty runs this week. Five or so miles each of the past two mornings and could barely move, not fun.

It's frustrating when it takes so long to start feeling good. I thought it might be the heat and humidity but that's unlikely. Tonight I did try running when it was cooler and that didn't help.

We got rained out of our evening tempo run two days in a row with lightning and heavy downpours. I did try to go out tonight even after we canceled our plans, because the rain let up for a while, but I felt like crap anyway. I think the universe is trying to tell me I'm not ready to try running fast yet.

So we'll give it a shot next week.

And the other news is that Dennis broke his foot, two fractures, one in his little toe and one in his 5th metatarsal. He hyperextended his foot walking down the stairs the morning after his colonoscopy. He didn't think it was broken until it swelled up and turned purple. So now he's in a boot and waiting to see an orthopedic doc, to see if there's anything else he needs to do.

Dennis's feet are not ordinary feet. He wears size 14 shoes and they are the weirdest looking feet you've ever seen. They are curved, and it looks like his feet stopped growing at some point and then decided to make a turn, and then grow some more before they sprouted toes. And the toes look like most people's fingers.

Did I mention that I've decided against Lean Horse? I just can't make myself go to the Mickelson Trail again so soon. I also feel like I'd do better to just do training runs instead of another race. I could do a few back to back days and get some decent miles in and recover faster than if I run a 100 mile race. I'd like to find some races to run early this fall and I'm still looking, but I don't want to travel too far.

And I'm not running any damn rock n roll marathon with a gazillion people and a 26 mile circus. Maybe there will be a decent marathon within 300 miles of here this fall. We'll see what races appear on the calendar.

It's raining again. I think I'll go drink beer. Sea bass tacos would go with that too. Maybe by tomorrow I'll stop whining.


giraffy said...

Man. Eff rnr. They are the worst.

My husband wears a 13, and his feet are creepily similar. All curved and giant creepy toes. Creepy.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Yeah, what is up with those feet? Must be a guy thing. I've never seen those kind of feet on a woman. Except my feet are growing, maybe someday I'll wear size 14 too.

RNR- I really haven't figured out what the draw is. Too many other good races to run. Eventually people will figure out that they're being ripped off. I guess.

Ultra Monk said...

Sorry, I read your next post before this one. Here is a decent marathon within reasonable drive from there.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Thanks for the tip, Ultra Monk. I might have to check that one out. I'll take a look at my work schedule, I might work that weekend but not sure yet.