Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready to Blow Out Some Carbon!

I have safely arrived at my taper, having done my last real run this morning, a 12 miler.

I also feel like someone lifted a 100 pound weight off of me.

First thing this morning, I met with some friends from work to do a video to promote a community wellness project. It was early and I didn't expect to be asked to be part of the video, and I was toast from not sleeeping much all week, and I hadn't prepared anything. I was unable to get any spontaneous words out. So Nikki told me what to say and I said it. That's what friends are for. We had fun though. I can't wait to see the video after she edits it. It will be on You Tube, so I'll share the link on this blog soon.

Afterwards, I met with Eric from work, and we did 12 miles together. He is running the Colorado Marathon next week when I'm running the Cornbelt 24 Hour. Eric and I tried to hook up for a run two weeks ago but my schedule got thrown off and we missed each other. Then the past week was a whirlwind for both of us, as it's a mutual friend we are both close to who suffered the loss.

Eric and I had a great talk during our run and it helped me realize that I'm not alone in my grief response to the events of the past week. Eric sounded equally affected. I think sharing our feelings on the run was helpful for both of us. It always helps to know you're not alone.

Afterwards we had lunch and talked about happier things, so when I got home, I was feeling relieved and ready to tackle the things I've been putting off all week, like going to the grocery store. I took the girls for a walk, and felt such a sense of lightness and peace.

Now I feel like I'm able to taper both physically and emotionally, and get back on track. For 24 hours! I'm on the BIG taper, a 3 week taper. After being at 80 miles, last week I ran 56 miles, this week I've run 33 miles, and I expect to take this weekend off as it's my work weekend. Next week I'll shake out the legs briefly on a few days during the week, and call it good.

I have to dig all my stuff out of the garage so I can organize my table, tent, cooler, supplies, and everything I'll need for the race. I need to de-worm myself, to avoid any taper worms that might be slithering around. No walking around in the dark, no tripping over dogs, etc.

I am finding myself looking soooo forward to running a race. I want to push myself mentally and physically, and come away with a big PR. I also hope I have some competition to push me beyond where I would push myself.

Bring it ON!

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