Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Digging Peeps, Peeping Dig

Easy 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) this morning. I didn't feel bad today. I didn't feel fast, but I must have recovered somewhat from yesterday. I wanted to leave my legs fresh enough to tackle an 8 hour run for distance tomorrow. I'm planning to go out on a fixed course and run for 8 hours at an easy pace I can sustain and see how many miles I can get, including any breaks I take. It will give me a more realistic idea of pacing my first half for the 24 hour.

It is most definitely spring, signs of it everywhere. I got my first watch tan of the season yesterday, and scorched the areas I missed with the sunscreen. Lots of people out on the bike path, little green leaves appearing, flowers blooming, and even the old reliable Peeps have appeared in the little grocery store near my house. They don't carry a lot of unhealthy seasonal crap like the big stores, only a few of the most popular diabetogenic items. When Peeps come to Sunflower Market, you know it's spring.

Not only that, but New Belgium has their spring seasonal ale out now, called "Dig". It's a hoppy pale ale, reminds me of Odell IPA, sort of grapefruity, but less intense than Odell's. It's like an India Pale Ale without the high alcohol content, but with better flavor. I like it. But then, I like 3.2 girl beer with pomegranate and raspberry flavor, so who am I to be a beer connoiseur. All I know is that I can't drink a 12 ounce bottle of most IPA without it knocking me on my butt, and this I can drink with only a mild buzz.

I was in Sunflower Market today and saw the Peeps, and couldn't resist. They had 3 different colors!

I brought the Peeps home to see what the girls would think of them. One year when we lived in Arizona I put a yellow peep on my car antenna and left it there. It stayed there for months. First I set the peeps on the table in the kitchen. It proved to be too much temptation for Iris. I managed to save the peeps before they got devoured.

Then I took the Peeps outside to see if the girls would pose with them in a picture. Again, too much temptation. The yellow peep disappeared first, and then the others.

Finally I took some Peeps outside, they were so colorful. Iris and Isabelle were far enough away I figured the Peeps were safe. As soon as I ducked behind the camera Iris leaped over and gulped them, inhaled them in one breath. They were gone by the time I could snap the picture.

Kids these days.


HappyTrails said...

Ahhh, the girls have sweet tooths!!!
Maybe I will "plant" some colorful Peeps in our garden as there is NO color coming up yet. The Peeps would look lovely. :-) 8 hours tomorrow??? You are an animal! Thanks for continuing to inspire and remind me of what I MIGHT be able to do someday! You rule! :-) So do the girls!

Alene Gone Bad said...

Kathleen,you will get there! I hope you're still getting out and enjoying this spring weather. Yes, peeps in the garden would add some nice color until the real flowers come up.

I wonder if I'll see any peeps on the run today?

Emily said...


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Alene Gone Bad said...

Emily, Here are some general rules-of-thumb for my blog: I don't add websites to my blog unless it's relevant to my material and/or would be useful to my readers. I rarely add commercial websites unless they have a demonstrated track record, are reputable businesses, and I know the owner/operators personally. I would need more information from you and at this time I can't access your information because you haven't made your profile visible. Thank you for your comment.