Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, March 27, 2009

I did it!

I made it snow!

Thursday when I left for work in the morning, there was a dusting of snow that looked like it would turn to rain as soon as the sun came up. The sun never did come up, it got more socked in and by mid-morning they were sending non-essential staff home from work and closing the schools. It looked like a blizzard outside and continued to snow on and off all day.

This morning it looked like this outside.

In the back yard, where I was planting flowers on Sunday, now it looks like this.

So much for riding my bike this week, now that it's off the trainer with road tires on. It's time to dig out the Yak Trax again.

We waited all winter for some snow, and here it is.

I have a hard time getting motivated even with the beautiful clean snow and blue sky. It's my first day off after my work week and I feel trashed. I need a nap and to rehydrate myself more than anything now.

This morning I took the girls to the vet for their yearly checkup and their heartworm pills and vaccinations. They are a handful to get them to cooperate but they always entertain us. Their vet is a runner too, I've known him since the early 90s when I used to take Joanie, my first Australian Shepherd there.

Maybe I can still salvage a run out of this day once I get a few more hours of sleep. Last week I was talking to another nurse at work who tells me there is no way she could ever run. I told her, any nurse who works 12 hour shifts at the bedside can easily do an ultra. I need more recovery from work than any ultra!

I'll try to enjoy the snow while we have it. On the bright side, maybe the trail dust will settle? And it should keep the snakes indoors until it melts. This is Colorado, though, and next week it could be 80 degrees...

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JeffO said...

So you're the culprit who made it snow. What's the big deal? I had to drive that day. Next time give me a call so we can coordinate a little bit, okay?