Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now, and A.B.

My mind is in Death Valley. It has to be that way. I looked at the paper today, I was squirming as I read about 116 degree temperatures there. It's heating up and I want to be there!

I feel my patience wearing thin when I'm drawn away from mental race preparation. People who want to chat about trivial things annoy me, more than usual. I am not a chit-chatty person. Right now, people I encounter who want to talk about mindless things irritate the $#@&! out of me.

I cannot stand to have a casual conversation that lasts more than 15 seconds. I am so focused that it's hard to pull myself away from thoughts of the race. I only focus on other things for the necessary amount of time, and then my mind is back in Death Valley or on preparation for the race.

I'm taking plenty of days away from work to keep my head in the right place.

Today I got home from work to a jury summons in the mail, wouldn't you know it, it's the day I'm leaving for Badwater. Hell-looo-ooo! What is it about the government that makes them send you a jury summons at the absolute most inconvenient time? They must have been reading the local paper. Fortunately there's the postponement option. They can have me any day in August that they want. Anytime after July 26th, for as long as they want me. After Badwater.

Chatter in my ear about mindless things all day. Torture me, shackle me, tie me up, kinesio tape me, put me in a cage. Make me eat Vanilla and Espresso Hammer Gel until I puke. Force me to sit in a courtroom all day, even all week, listening to the truth and consequences of someone's misfortune, stupidity, or both. Make me watch TV, I don't care, Oprah, Jerry Springer, or worse!

You could even make me watch reruns of the last 8 years of State of the Union addresses! Make it as painful as you want. But it has to be A.B.

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sunnyskies said...

T, back form a couple of hice hot days in Dominguez Canyon, between Whitewater and Delta. heaven sent . Except for the gnats. I finally got the heat and will now be wearing my winter gear around town Yahoo!!! I will be ready for see you do your deal. I am soooo excited.
Just had to let a nother person go but have a nother who is better. Will be a long week but hey its warm. hell I don't care bout nothing as long as the heat here.
SunnySkies are shining and it was around 95-100 in the canyons. Did about a marathon both days.