Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Roadtrip: STAT!

I am packed and ready to go.

Hitting the reset button is one of the biggest benefits of this jaunt across the desert every year. The hardest part is leaving the girls. And Dennis, of course...but really, I know Dennis probably enjoys the break from me. The girls are another story.

The hardest thing for me is to wake up in the morning and not have those four little eyebrows peering over the edge of the bed, patiently waiting for me to stir. Missing the morning buttrubs and being bossed around, yelled at until I get up and out of bed in the direction of getting ready for the morning walk.

I need the 17 hour drive each way to Lone Pine and back because it's a chance to be alone, silent, and in my thoughts. This year I need to prepare myself for a major habit change when I get back, because as things are, it will be the Blob pacing Bob in Death Valley. I have been slacking sooooooo bad...

I've really let myself go over the summer. It keeps getting worse. I can tell by the way my clothes fit, and how I feel so sluggish every time I go out and run. It's okay, but I did realize that its been a full year since I pretty much stopped training altogether! It was last September, when I started tapering for NorthCoast, that I started on that slow descent into blobification.

A little too much indulgence in the microbrews and not watching the calories, along with too little activity, too much sitting on my butt exercising my fingers on the keyboard.

The good news is, I have over 30 visits left on my pool pass to EPIC for when I get back, so I can start running in the pool, if I dare walk from the locker room to the water in a swimsuit. That is, if I can still fit in my swimsuit!

And I am going to start doing some regular yoga to improve my flexibility, to make my goal of being able to bite my toenails, or whatever nails are left down there after next week.

And I am going to start lifting again and doing my core strengthening routine. And I am also going to start running consistently, and get miles on my feet. And then I'm going to cut WAY back on the beer...maybe to one beer per week...

Stop the Blob!

For the next week and a half, check Bob's blog, Bob Runs Ultras as I will be posting to it to keep his followers up on his progress. In other words, there will be a Blob on Bob's Blog.

Say that ten times fast.

I'll be posting to this blog when I have Internet access, too. See you soon.

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