Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Certifiable: North Coast 24 Hour Nutshell

Well after 18 hours of traveling yesterday I am officially brain dead so this blogpost isn't going to happen until after I get some sleep. So I will finish the long post later, maybe after a nap.

The official results aren't even out yet, but the race fell on a day that was less than ideal for performing well for most people, so the overall mileage totals were low, and a lot of people went home early, which was wise if you were trying to salvage a chance at something else, or if you were somewhat sane.

High temperatures in the mid-eighties, after a warm start, and then downpours at night made this race one of those where you just can't win. (Unless of course, you were one of the two winners!)

My race ended at 80 miles, in a portapotty taking cover from the rain, at 4:30 am, due to a blister I was unable to fix that left me limping, barely walking through the storm, giggling with Andy Lovy about our sanity. Andy happens to be the team physician and he was a psychiatrist for many years.

But after all that I am not as disappointed as I might otherwise be. I had fun, it really truly wasn't the right day for it, and it's another race. I move on. I will shoot for something big next year. I learned a lot from this race too.

I am just glad I am not injured, that I am done with my racing season for the year, and I get to go forward.

Oh, yes, and before I forget, I won my age group too. I guess I could take it as consolation, but I really don't care about age groups so much, not yet anyway. I still have my goal and I'm determined to go after it next year.

I will write the full blogpost and hopefully have that posted in the next 24-48 hours. Sit tight and I'll have the whole story here soon.

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