Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am VERY EXCITED to announce that I will be a member of Pearl Izumi's Team PI in 2013, as a promotional athlete. It's a regional team, more details later...but just thought I'd say it for now, because I am VERY EXCITED!

This weekend at work was good. We were busy but we had enough staff to make things run smoothly, and we celebrated my birthday along with my co-worker's birthday, hers was last week and mine is next week. We both like whipped cream, so we had chocolate cake with whipped cream on Saturday and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on Sunday (plus I had a brownie under mine so it was a brownie sundae) and we got a good sugar buzz both days.

Now I have to get ready and packing for flying out to Nashville, driving to Denver at the butt crack of 3:30 am, on Thursday. My flight leaves before it even gets light. That means I have to get up at a really ugly time on Thursday. But I'll be racing on Central time anyway, and the race starts at 6 am, and that's 5 am our time, so might as well get used to it. I can take a nap when I get into Nashville.

I am looking forward to whatever adventure this coming weekend brings. I've never been to Nashville, the state of Tennessee, or Alabama. Two new states for me. I hope I can understand the southerners, for one thing, being a Yankee. And I'll be looking for something to eat other than fried catfish and barbecue before the race. Afterwards I don't care.

The weather has been kind of cold, wet and icky, so I don't expect to run into any Gators from Decatur. I hope I don't run into too many critters in the hotel room, though. But if I do, you can rest assured that you'll hear all about it on this blog.

I'm feeling exhausted right now, after my work weekend, but will be posting more as the week unfolds. WOO-HOO! VERY EXCITED!

photo credit: Kathy Vest


Mike said...

Congrats on your Pearl Izumi Team pick. That IS exciting!

Alene Gone Bad said...

Thanks Mike! I hope all is well with you!

giraffy said...

That's awesome, congratulations!!!

Alene Gone Bad said...

Thanks Heather! Good luck with the event this Saturday!