Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun with Peeps

It was raining this afternoon so I spent some time in the woman cave. I was really tired today. I was motivated to go to the track this morning but after just 2 miles of warming up I was dragging my butt. There was no way these legs were doing anything fast, I could barely get through the warmup.

I thought maybe I needed some food, so I came home and ate something, but later when I took Iris out for a run, I could only get another 2 and a half miles in and I was dragging butt. Grand total of 5 miles for the day, way off the 20 I'd planned.

It's been nearly two weeks since Delano. I don't know if this is normal to feel tired for two weeks after a 12 hour run. Maybe, maybe not. I'll see what I can survive this week and that's all I can do.

It felt more like November than spring today, but late this afternoon it cleared up and now it's just cool and windy, but the sun is shining. Maybe tomorrow I can give it another shot at the track. Or wait a few more days.

It was fun to hang with the Buffs today. Iris is a peep snatcher.

Happy spring!


HappyTrails said...

Hope your 5 turns into 20 tomorrow or over the weekend. The "dragg'in my wagon" days are bummers. I hope you perk up soon! Loving the Peep Snatcher! How many boxes do they average a season??? The Peeps serve a dual purpose - treats for the Buffs and add lovely Spring color to the garden! :-) Did you get the Peep/Snoopy comic we sent???

Alene Gone Bad said...

Got the comic, thanks, it was cute! I only buy a few Peeps, Iris steals as many as she can get her teeth into. This year I found a multicolored Peep sale so I indulged in 4 different colors. Five dollars is my Peep budget for the year.