Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thought for the Day: Stop Forrest Stop!

Early this morning I checked my e-mail and found a post on Woofie's ultralist from one of the runners who often writes thought-provoking and creative posts.

The question he posed to the list was whether we ultrarunners look like many people he's observed out walking or running around a park in his hometown, looking rather discontented.

He also asks if someone saw us running with that look on our faces, would they assume we weren't enjoying it?

I replied to his post with my thoughts:

I often see people out walking or running who have that stressed out look on their faces, or look unhappy. I don't think it's because they aren't enjoying the exercise, but they are processing their feelings and thoughts in general while they are moving, either consciously or unconsciously. I think a lot of people are unhappy- and might not even realize they have a choice because they haven't stopped to think about it.

People are stressed- they have so much to do and it seems that they get little in return for it. I'm not talking about their jobs or financial situations, which are stressful these days. There is so much distraction by minute details- so many ways to multitask and keep the brain occupied by little things- our little handheld electronic gadgets for example. There is so much out there to consume our energy, but I think most people are lost when it comes to putting something back, or restoring their energy, spirit, and overall well-being, that I think most people don't know how to listen to themselves, and let go of all the background noise.

I enjoy doing long runs alone for that reason. It's a great opportunity to leave everything behind. I also take the time as often as possible every day to be quiet, just look out the window, listen to the birds, smell the air, appreciate something simple, whatever it is, and feel gratitude for something in my life.

I think the reason many people look so unhappy is that while they are always on the go, they have forgotten how to STOP.

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