Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Curing Cranky

I'm off today and I need something to cheer me up. I have been in a horribly cranky mood. It takes a while to start feeling better when I am going through the adjustment period, waiting for my thyroid medication to start working for me. It could take 6 to 8 weeks before I feel better. The good news is the thyroid ultrasound showed nothing but a shrunken, not very functional-appearing thyroid, and the nodule in question shrunk too, which is great news. Now all I have to do is wait for the increased dosage to kick in. Patience!

So far this week I have locked myself out of the house, locked myself out of the car, burned oatmeal on the stove, and bit the inside of my lower lip while eating soup.

Running is a little better, I didn't feel like falling asleep yet on any of my runs this week. But then, they've all been in the morning. I woke up before work yesterday at 4 am so I went for a 5 mile run. That made me feel oh so energetic by the end of my shift. But if I don't run then, I won't run at all.

I do well in the mornings, I feel pretty sharp and my enrgy feels normal. Around 11 am I start to fade, and afternoons are hell. I get annoyed with myself because I feel so sluggish. It's almost like my brain hurts when I ask it to do anything. Multitasking is difficult, and I get irritated with my own inability to function. My coordination and focus goes out the window. If I could stuff all my daily activities into the first 4 hours of the day it would be great. I'm in zombie land after noon, until bedtime, unless I take a long nap.

So my plan today is to paint the walls inside the woman cave. It's brainless, and at least I will feel like I'm doing something productive. I will also go out and run this morning, try to get my entire workout done before noon. The weather has been warmer, the ice sheets in the neighborhood are shrinking and the footing has improved. Today I'm planning no more than 10 miles with some fartlek. But first, a run with the girls, or I'll be in trouble.

The woman cave is looking better all the time. After I paint the walls we'll put the laminate floor in, and soon I'll be able to move in. I need to start looking for some furniture that will help me keep it open and uncluttered.

I am so envious of my running buddy Paul. He is running two races in Florida this spring, LOST and the Keys 100. I got an e-mail from him the other day and I want to tag along! But I can't. I'm saving my money and it would be silly for me to go run long ultras this spring when I'm not even doing 20 mile runs in training yet. I'm hoping to hit 15 on my long run this weekend. I'm going up to Horsetooth to get some hills in.

I need to get out to the woman cave, stat. I'm in a race with my brain!


HappyTrails said...

Ok - so it sounds like you need to get the Woman Cave completed right quick and in a hurry! :-) You should probably make sure to have several 'guest suites' for those women who need to find a woman cave temporarily! Have you heard of supplementing with selenium to help with thyroid function? Someone I talked to, who attended the recent Graves Disease Foundation Annual Conference, said that several of the seminars were supporting selenium supplementation. Supposedly, 100 - 200mcg daily is showing some help in slowing the activity of the auto antibodies, particularly in regard to Graves and Hashimotos. It also, reportedly, has helped with mood and feeling of well-being. Interestingly, I just came across a short article from Natural Grocers that mentioned the same findings. I hope you hit 15 hilly miles this weekend, too! :-)

Alene Gone Bad said...

Hi Kathleen,

I painted the woman cave and this weekend we will put the floor in. I am so excited! I will have to get to work on the guest houses next.
I didn't make it 10 miles, just 7, I was tired, but then I didn't get out the door until noon. I also twisted my ankle about 4 blocks from my house- yes- the same one I've been rehabbing for the past 4 months! Scared me. I went home and iced it, it seems okay this morning.
Yes I have heard about selenium supplementation for thyroid disease but selenium deficiency is rare, and there is the risk over oversupplementing, which causes similar symptoms to thyroid disease. I hear the same thing about zinc, but oversupplementing with zinc can cause not only stomach damage but copper deficiency, which causes other problems. So be careful if you do supplement, read up on it at a good website, like or, not a .com website or newsletter like Natural Grocers selling you the supplements. For example, here's a link on selenium.

I look forward to my long run this weekend! I hope you have a good one too!

HappyTrails said...

Ha, ha! Who needs to look up the links - I'll just run it by your first! :-)