Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

It was a good running weekend! Saturday morning I met Katy and her dog Kira at the Horsetooth Mountain trailhead and we did four Rock Repeats. After four hours we were done, got our 20 miles of vertical running and still had energy to spare. It was cool and windy but no mud and no snow except for a few snowbanks off the side of the service road that Kira used to cool off.

Katy and I get all of our weekly frustrations out in the first 5 miles of our run, and after that it progresses to a giggle-fest. After a couple of hours everything is amusing, and by the end it's hilarious. I didn't bring my camera this time and I missed the picture of Kira lying in the snowbank with snow piled on her head. Katy gave me so much grief about my big heavy butt pack last time that I thought I'd go lightweight.

Sunday morning was cool and there was a light rain when I started my 15 road miles. I ran the Spring Creek trail out to Cottonwood Glen park and then took the road north to the trail behind the stadium, turned around at 7 1/2 miles for a 15 mile out & back. It was raining fairly hard once I got to the stadium but tapered off as I ran east. I felt strong but slow. My legs were a little sore from running rock repeats twice last week, but I needed it.

I got two weeks in a row with mileage over 50 a week. I'm where I should be if I'm going to run Lean Horse. Not bad, 35 miles this weekend, some good climbing and descent, some road miles, no snow or mud, and when we did get weather, it rained! Must be getting closer to spring. The leaves aren't out yet on the trees, but getting close.

I don't have very high expectations for the upcoming Colorado Marathon. I was slow as a snail last year, and this year isn't looking promising, but that's okay. I'm still wondering why I signed up for it this year. It's more of a social local run than anything, I guess. It's a scenic course, but the thought of 26 miles downhill on pavement along with getting up at 3 am to catch the bus up Poudre Canyon is not my ideal race. I like a late start, time to sleep in and eat breakfast, and something that lasts longer. Like a few days longer.

Next weekend is Fruita, the 25 miler. I am hoping I can stay up with Keith for part of the run. She's blazing fast and I need a good workout. We'll see how long I can hang on. I need to bring my camera for the section above the river, though, so I'll be carrying some weight on my butt. I'm well-trained for that!

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Nick said...

Hey Alene!

Looks like you're getting some of that motivation back. Have a good week, and see you in Fruita! Forecast looks good for running.