Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sticking with Velcro

There is not much running content here, but there is someone new in our lives. We went to pick up Miss Velcro in Ogallala, Nebraska last weekend and she has taken over our lives.

Warning: Many cute puppy pictures will follow. She's cute and sweet, and she also has a diabolical side. She can go from sweet innocent puppy to devil dog in a split second. She's an athlete, already has figured out how to climb and descend the stairs, jump over boxes, play fearlessly with dogs three times her size, and knows how to demand things.

I won't spend a lot of time writing this, just showing you what's new in my life. I did have two consistent weeks of running with 30+ miles per week. And we've been doing the Donut Friday runs, except for during our first snowstorm last week, which we made up for today.

Velcro got to see her first snow, and became the boss in a week's time. Her sister Gypsy will be coming to live with us in another 4 weeks.

And this morning at the Donut 5K predict, I placed third at correctly predicting my 5K time without a timing device. I was only 8 seconds off. I guessed 29:30 and ran 29:38. I won a frozen turkey.

I'll have more to report on soon. I have so much more to say.

Right now I can only do things during puppy naps, so it's hard to complete long tasks. Enjoy the cute puppy pictures. Happy Thanksgiving.


Double said...

I have a question. A couple times I have seen you post about stretching your toes to your mouth. My curiosity led me to try this and the results were terrible. What benefit could this ability have in my running? Is it in the injury prevention camp?
Thanks. -Dave

Alene Gone Bad said...

It was about hip flexibility for me. I have had ankle problems as a result of weak gluteus medius muscles and I was trying to get my entire body to regain some flexibility I lost over the years. No overt benefit to running. No need to bite your toenails...fingernails will do just fine.