Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Forced Patience

Snowing again!

Not magnolia petals, but real white stuff. I'm in spring mode and overnight it changes. By early next week it's supposed to get into the 70s. Briefly.

My back is feeling much better today. It improved yesterday but I gave it another day off because when I walked the girls, I tried jogging and it still hurt in one area. So now it's supposed to snow 1 to 3 inches and it's cold and I'm whining.

I was planning to get a bunch of work-related work done this weekend because I want to be ready to start taking clients in April, but I ordered some new publishing software that I got for a great price, and had it shipped to arrive by yesterday, but Amazon screwed up the shipping and I didn't get it.

Apparently they never sent it out of the warehouse on time. They are refunding my shipping though. I should have just downloaded the damn thing. But I'll suck it up and wait. It's only a few more days. I was hoping to get this all done before I leave for Kansas, but that's how things go.

We need dirt in our raised beds, but in this fantastic weather who wants to be outside, plus I shouldn't be doing that with my back right now, so I'll wait on that too. The honeycrisp apple tree and two of the five apricot trees I planted last fall seem to have made it through the winter, but the next few weeks will tell for sure. The bulbs in the front yard are coming up, and the front garden still needs a good raking, again I'll have to wait until my back is better.

I know there are all sorts of things we can catch up on around here, so after we drink our coffee and wake up this morning, I'll see what Dennis wants to do. I had an extremely productive week as far as work, trying to get everything in order.

I got a press release sent out about my business and got most of the intake and consent forms done, and ready to work with the attorney to get everything ready to go.

I'll get out there at some point and do a run, unless it looks slick, then I'll get on the bike for a while and spin. Tomorrow I'll get my butt out there to run for sure. This week worked out well, since I wasn't running much, I got a lot of work done and moved along further than I thought I would.

I talked to my Kansas expert friends and they told me to just step on it and do the trip in one shot because there's nothing much to see between here and there. It will be a quick weekend trip, but I was hoping to do a little sightseeing out there. I heard the Flint Hills are pretty. There are other races in Kansas, like the Heartland 100, that I've always wanted to do, so I'll plan to go back.

Patience with the pace of progress, patience with my back, patience with the weather. It will all work out.

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