Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to Boulder...

It's that time again, to gear up for another ultra! I haven't been too energetic lately, work has kept me busier than usual and I'm doing as little as I can get away with to maintain my fitness.

Regardless, I am ready to do my training run this weekend, at 24 Hours of Boulder, which takes place on a road/trail/parking lot mix of surfaces part way around Boulder Reservoir. Each out & back on the "Certain Death Trail" is a little over 7 miles, and it takes 14 times to make 100 miles. I'm not even thinking about triple digits, just a good long training run with some night running will make me happy. I'll have to see how I feel, because I have no idea what 50 or even 30 miles will feel like at this point.

It's a fun, low-key event put on by the Delman brothers, who do a good job of keeping their races fun and low-key. I always find their events to be well-organized, even though their aid station at Boulder last year ran out of hot food at night when the weather was cold and wet.

I'm prepared this year, I packed my baby food, jello, and other staples, and I'll drive down early tomorrow, me and my eight toenails, in warm clothes that I can strip down to hot weather running gear by mid-morning. The weather forecast is for perfect, gorgeous fall weather and it might get close to 80 degrees! Hardly any chance of rain, which will be a relief after last year's mudfest.

So far this fall, most of my training has been squirrel-powered.
Most of our morning walks have consisted of enjoying the crisp air, with sudden quick sprints. Unlike their squirrel friend on the fence, the Buffaloes are clearly leaning to the left.

I am tired of seeing this. I like the colorful leaves, but not the political signs. Only two and a half more weeks of this. We already sent our mail-in ballots last week.

I'll be listening to my new trance tunes, dancing around the reservoir, looking at the mountains, breathing in the smell of fallen leaves. I can't think of a better way to spend a perfect fall weekend.

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