Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Night and Day

Yesterday my sleep was all screwed up. I woke up at 5 am and then I was exhausted all day. I got some work done, but then it was time to run and I didn't have much energy. I took Iris for her 3 miles and then I needed a nap before I could think about doing more.

I got sidetracked by stupid little things and Dennis came home at 6, and I still had not taken a nap. I told him I needed to get more miles in so I was going to sleep and then go run. I got into bed and slept until after 8 pm!

Dennis doesn't like it when I go out for my night runs by myself. I used to be able to take Iris but she can't go that far anymore, and I wasn't running with anyone else this time. I am not about to let fear keep me indoors, so I set out in all my reflective gear and lights and off to the neighborhoods I feel comfortable in.

Iris stared me down by the front door when she knew I was leaving. She wants to run with me but she goes so slowly now, and she might be able to do 7 miles, but with all the sniffing it would take all night.

I had my iPod, which I am still figuring out. Somehow I was playing around with it and ended up removing all the music I put on there except for one playlist. I figured out what I did soon after I started running, but I had enough music for my 7 or 8 miles. I was able to easily reload it when I got home.

I just have to remember to check the right boxes when I'm playing with iTunes. I also tried a battery test yesterday but didn't realize what I had done with all the music so I was unable to see what happened because the thing only had 3 hours of music on it. I'll have to try it again tomorrow.

I don't know why I'm struggling with this iPod thing so much. It's not easy to figure out. Maybe I'm just an idiot. Damn Ph.D gets in the way of everything.

Last night it was finally clear enough to see stars. The streets were dark enough to make interesting shadows on the sidewalks and I was having fun playing with the camera. When I get close to the lake, it's darker and I was watching the stars through the bare treetops and listening to trance music, and I was in runner's heaven.

When I got home, it was after 10, Dennis was asleep and the girls were waiting for me, wiggling and squealing.

Today I got my errands done, took some work stuff to the printer, picked up some Salted Caramel Gu at Runners Roost, saw our friend Steve Cathcart there and talked a while, signed up for the Horsetooth Half Marathon because I'm a masochist, and then got a new set of earbuds for my iPod because the old ones off the MP3 player are not working so well. And the ones that came with the iPod, those are made for an elephant. One who doesn't sweat.

I got stared at again by the girls as I began packing for Kansas. It's a pile, I'm driving to this race so I tend to take way too much stuff. The forecast is for high 60s maybe 30 at the start and sunny, maybe windy. But of course I will be prepared for blizzards and heat waves alike. I'll pack three drop bags in case of bad weather, hoping I won't need them at all, I should be able to carry everything for 50 miles in my little pack.

This afternoon I went out on the Power Trail and did fartlek, and saw Holley out there. I recognized her steady powerwalk. I've known Holley for a long time, from the running group I used to run with before we moved to Arizona. When I first met her she was about as old as I am now. She's gotten into ultras and has run quite a few over the past several years. She's strong and I could see her doing multidays if she wanted to. I haven't suggested it yet but maybe I should drop some hints.

I stopped and talked with her. She was in the middle of a 40 mile run! She wished me a happy belated birthday, and we talked about moving forward as we get older. She does 24 hour events these days. I told her about Prairie Spirit, and she said, those races don't have long enough time limits for me. I told her this one does, I think the 50 miler has something like a 28 hour limit.

My fartlek run went well, I feel strong. My back is much better and the only place I still feel it is in this one little spot, and only when I sit in a certain position. Next two days will be short, easy runs. I hope the drive to Kansas won't make it worse, but I can get out and stretch. I'm leaving Thursday and driving part way. I don't feel like arriving there the day before the race exhausted from the drive.

Next week, or as soon as I feel recovered from the 50 miler, I start speedwork with Wheaties Boy. Early mornings. He'll kick my butt, but it's good for me.


giraffy said...

I am for sure too dumb for my iPod. I still have the playlists I loaded when I ran Seattle - in June 2012. Every time I switch between them, I hear "Seattle", "Seattle One", "Seattle fast". Ha.

Alene Gone Bad said...

The people who make these devices don't run. They need more blood to their brain, then they would think like we do. Ha!