Saturday, January 18, 2014

Glorious Spring Days...

In January, they start like this, with a moonset in the wind.

This was my rest day. I spent most of the morning in the woman cave studying for some upcoming exams. Then I went for a walk, by myself, since Dennis took the girls to Starbucks earlier during their usual weekend morning walk.

I went around the lake north of us, it was breezy but the temperatures were warm enough in the sun that it was pleasant. Felt very much like spring. The ice is melting in some of the lakes in town, but this one is still frozen. I found a place under the trees but in the sunshine, and I sat for a half hour, soaking up rays and listening to the wind, feeling the sun and that's all the peace I needed.

Then I went home and made some outrageously good chicken green chile with the last package of frozen Big Jim peppers from last fall. Sad to say good-bye to the good stuff until late next summer. I'm still being careful about what I eat so I didn't have any tortillas with it.

I am really hoping to lose all the weight I want to before my birthday. It's just another 8 pounds. I've been carrying it around for way too long. It would be nice to start at 50 with a new body, too. My birthday gift to myself.

My legs are tired. My quads ache from the trip up and down Horsetooth the other day. But tomorrow I am running a half-marathon in Louisville, the Prairie Dog Half Marathon. My friend Joanne is also running it. This will be one of my last races in the top of my age group, too. It's all on city streets but it looks like it passes through some parks or greenbelts in the area.

I have no idea how fast I can run a half marathon and I don't even want to predict. It will be my first long sustained hard run in a while, since last spring! I guess we'll find out, it's a moment of truth run. Let's just say my expectations are not very high for this one!

I should go to bed, I have to actually set the alarm to wake up tomorrow. It's something I haven't done in soooo long. I like it this way.


Ultra Monk said...

8.56 miles on Friday, 4.1 yesterday plus machines, 9.37 today. Yipes, I'm thinking about a 55 hour race this New Years. I'm already signed up for 2 half marathons and one full.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Awesome! Where would you run for 55 hrs? ATY? I plan to be there...

Ultra Monk said...

Its a race in Houston. Won't have the big names like ATY.