Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

60K, Numbers, and Random Thoughts

I'm decompressing, de-stressing, detoxing.

Easing into the work of pursuing my business startup plans, I'm not putting pressure on myself to try to accomplish too much right now. There's plenty of time. I have some great ideas and it's fun to think, plan, and dream. I am starting regular workouts, is all, and making changes to the bad habits I've accumulated in recent months.

Sunday we went down to Boulder to see family and walk around aimlessly. It felt good, no agenda, no plans, no time frame. Monday I went to the pool, ran and swam, did my weight workout, and went for an easy run at sunset. Last night I went out and met a former coworker at Cafe Vino. We had wine and delicious food, and a great talk about all sorts of healthcare-related topics. She is still stuck in the thick of things, but she is looking for a way out and I hope to be able to support her in that.

Today I'm running at the lakes with a friend, I might do three hours but not much more than that. The weather is changing, it's looking more like winter and we're supposed to get some snow later this week.

My motivation is coming back. I haven't decided on any races for next year yet, I think I'll sit back and watch the improvement over the next few months and see where things are. You're only as good as your last race. Speaking of that,

I'm ranked 47th in North America for the 24 hour distance in 2013 and 232nd in the world. Not very impressive. My performance was age graded and ranked me 13th in my age group, women 45-49 for North America. Not very impressive either. That was my 99 mile performance in the frozen wind tunnel of Cleveland last spring. I know I can do so much better. I love 24 hours and that's what I'm going to focus on when I get my strength back.

And 60K, that might be my total weekly mileage this week. But 60K is also what I saw when I bravely jumped on the scale on Sunday. 60 kilograms. That's what I weigh. And I can feel every gram, every ounce, every pound, every kilo.

I know I can drop what I've gained, the additional 9 pounds since April, and more. I'm changing the habits I've gotten into over the past 6 or 7 months, zoning out in front of the computer, eating more than I need to, eating things I shouldn't eat when I'm not active enough, and drinking beer. Discarding the negative energy and stress will go a long way toward helping that.

I'm so lucky to have my beautiful Buffaloes to keep me going through all the rough times. We are a team. We even have streets named after us. It's time to go for a walk...

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