Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Work Hangover Wednesday: In A Handbasket

The week of disasters started a week ago and is still going strong. First there was the exhaustion from work and feeling sick. Then there was the hamstring strain. Now there's the groin strain. I tell you, this is all hazardous to my health. I'm falling apart.

I think I strained my left hamstring doing the Rock Repeats, I'm not quite sure, because it could have been the Tabata workout intensity instead, but I'll never know because I didn't feel it happen. I had a left hamstring strain a few years back, the year I first ran Badwater, but it healed up on its own with some rest time that happened after.

I was feeling my hamstring all the end of last week, not bad, just nagging, and then told Wheaties Boy about it, and he advised me to rest it now, sometimes you just need to hear it from the right person. So I did. I stuck to the bike last weekend, and nothing hard. I just finished two long days of work and haven't run since last Friday. I was going to blow off another week of running and ride the bike this week, and now it looks like I'll have to.

Monday morning I was squatting down on the floor to clean something up and the floor surface was slippery and my foot twisted underneath me, and while catching myself before I fell, I felt this intense pull in my groin. Shit. It hurt for about an hour. I had to work so I couldn't walk around with ice on it, but I did take some ibuprofen.

Today I could feel it only at certain angles, it doesn't hurt when I walk or try to jog around on the floor, so maybe it won't count as a running injury, but still, between the hamstring and this, I should probably stay on the bike for a week, and then the following week is my work week from hell, so I won't be able to do much anyway.

There goes another month down the hole, the month of July is pretty much lost. But I'm so distracted and scattered with all my thoughts and ideas and frustrations that I might as well use the time to pull my act together and figure out where I'm headed and why I am in this handbasket. I'm having a full-on existential crisis.

Oh shit. Is this a midlife crisis?

I know why, though. When there are too many things going through your mind and you're unfocused, distracted and discombobulated, shit happens. I need to pull myself together and spend time figuring out what I really want to do. I need to find my compass.

So to add insult to injury, I finally officially arrived at needing reading glasses. It was almost like it happened overnight. I realized it when I went down to the blood bank to pick up blood for a patient, I was standing there reading the labels on the blood to the blood bank person, and I couldn't see it. I had to drop it down on the counter so it was further away from my eyes. Things look blurry on the table in front of me, where I've always been able to see them.

So I made it almost 49.5 years without needing reading glasses, but I have arrived. Good thing I bought these glasses for The Bella last week. Now they're mine.

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