Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, June 28, 2013

If you don't like the weather in Colorado...

Wait a minute.

It's been hot in the afternoons! Today it was about 94 degrees when I got home from work around 3 pm.

Then suddenly around 7:30 pm, the sky got dark, the wind started blowing, it looked like a tornado or a haboob was coming our way, and within minutes, the streets of Fort Collins were flooded and the temperature was 30 degrees cooler. We didn't get hit with hail but people on the east side of town did.

You could almost go surfing down south College Avenue. It was nice to get watered by the sky for a change. I hope this rain becomes a regular pattern in our weather again, the way it used to be in Colorado, when you could always count on a good downpour in the afternoons.

I think of all the poor souls lining up at the start of Western States tomorrow. I hope they either spent a lot of time in the sauna, or are from Phoenix. If this keeps up Badwater should be gnarly this year, too. Dammit. I wish I could be out there.

I took a nap this afternoon to get a chunk out of my work hangover and I'm hoping I can sleep a lot this weekend. I'll get a few miles in, some intensity but not a lot of miles. This week is pretty much written off as far as accumulating any mileage, I've been too tired and busy. I'll shoot for some Tabata, and hill-fartlek runs. Didn't make it to the track again this week, either.

I'm watching Longs Peak and every day it looks more and more bare. It seems like just last week it had a ton of snow on it. I need to get up there soon, but it will be tourist city this week in Estes Park with the holiday, so forget that. Maybe the following week I can get up there super early one day and do a long, relaxed trail run and beat the crap out of my quads. That's what my quads need, is a good wake up call.

And next week is July. I have got to get my lazy flab in gear and start lifting again. I have a big blob around my midsection that needs to go. It feels pathetic. What has happened to my body? I feel like the Pillsbury dough boy, gluten-free version.

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