Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No Excuses

I did it. I got through my first speed session of the year.

It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty, but I did 10 x 800 meters with a 200 meter jog in between, and I was steady and consistent, and I got 'er done. I started out at the track at 8:20 this morning, and it was 28 degrees, which I am very proud my butt out of bed and to the track on a cold morning! Followed that up with an evening run with the Buffaloes.

Nineteen miles later, I am starving, waiting for Dennis to come home from work, he's picking up food on the way home.

It was a good day, I got my nap in, wasn't very productive other than my workout, but I did meet with Erica, the new director of the Foundation for lunch and discussed future fundraising ideas as the Cancer Center will need support for building out phases two and three of construction.

A week from today is groundbreaking on the Cancer Center. Erica comes from a running background, so we have a lot in common and some mutual contacts in town through the running community.

Last week, after I got home from Arizona, I spoke on the phone with Joe Fejes, a runner from Georgia who just broke Yiannis Kouros's 72 hour record at Across the Years by 5 miles, with a total of 329 miles. I ran a little with Joe at ATY and he was really nice, he talked with a lot of people during the race and is really open to talking about his training.

I'd been wanting to talk with someone who is about my age and has had success at the 24 hour event, and a mutual running acquaintance got us connected. Joe has been a runner for a long time but not consistent with training and racing over the years.

He's made another comeback recently and it was great to talk with him about workouts, training ideas, strategy and preparation for 24 hour races. It was interesting to hear what he is doing, because it's not all that different from what I know to be effective. The difference is, I haven't been doing most of it...

Until today. My 800s were not fast at all, they were an effort but I wasn't killing myself out there. I just wanted to get through the workout and have a baseline. I have a long way to go, but it wasn't disappointing. I need to stay on it, be consistent and do my workouts every week. I'll be looking for someone to run those workouts with me, someone a little faster who can challenge me.

We're supposed to have more cold weather this weekend, single digits. It will be a frozen butt cheek kind of weekend.

No excuses.

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