Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Looking Brighter

The light was visible well before 7:00 this morning. It hit me that February is right around the corner. This winter is going to fly by.

Friday morning I went to the CSU track and ran into Mike from Front Range Rambler. He was blasting relentless intervals. I'm glad I saw him doing that because it must have motivated me. I started my 400s and was completely shocked at my splits, consistent 95 seconds, except for two at 94, when last week I could barely get under 100. I didn't take much rest, same as last week.

Last week I did 20 of them, and they were all so slow, I felt like it was a huge uphill climb to get my legs to turn over again. But this was awesome! Still, nowhere near what I used to do, but much closer. I think it will take running my 400s consistently in the 80s before I'll feel like I've progressed speed-wise.

So much for doing 20 of them at this pace, though. The leg burn came back early, after just 8 of them, and I decided to mess with my plan. I rarely do that, but I felt like since I was faster, strong and consistent, I should stay that way, and not exhaust myself to the point of slowing down by trying to do 20, which would defeat the purpose of doing speedwork.

What I did: As soon as I felt like there was no way I could continue blasting them out at that pace, I switched to 200s. I cranked out eight 200s in 45 seconds, consistently, with a couple of them under 45. I have to thank Mike for inspiring me.

Then I switched back to easy running the rest of the cooldown and I went home and took the girls for a few easy miles. Ended up with almost 16 for the day.

This morning I went out and ran 21.5 miles, to Loveland and back via the Power Trail again. I felt pretty good, kept it relaxed and consistent, I actually had a negative split without trying. Tomorrow the plan is to go up to Estes Park and run both the 5K and 10K events at the Frost Giant races. I love the late start, 11 am and noon for the two races, and it's always fun to get out of town and run this event.

I feel a little less irritable than earlier this week. Maybe I just needed more endorphins. I've been running mega miles and even though I'll only have about 90 for the week, that's in just 5 days of running, since I don't run on my two work days.

Next week will be my rest week. And then after that, it's a big week with lots of miles and a 50K in Arizona. Warm weather, I hope.

With all the rain they've been getting down there lately, I'm hoping some of the early poppies will be blooming in the park by race day. Undeniable spring.


HappyTrails said...

Goodness, dear woman! Not only are you an ultra runner but an ultra blogger, as well!!! You are on a roll this week - I can hardly keep up! :-) Is your 50k road or trail? I am hoping you get to see oceans of blooming poppies while in AZ. Make sure to take pics 'cause we need to be reminded of what colorful flowers look like.

Hey, regarding levo dosing - I have read that small adjustments can make a big difference. How much of a difference, do you think, an up-tick of 6mcg or 12mcg a week would make??? Just curious......

Alene Gone Bad said...

Kathleen, the 50K is on a trail, a very runnable trail. You would love this one, if you decide to run a trail 50K. I know what you mean about the flowers. That picture was taken in March, usually in Febraury if it's been a warm, wet winter there are a few early poppies blooming but nothing like March in the desert.

As far as levothyroxine dosing, yes a small amount can make a huge difference. Don't know if 12 mcg a week would make that big a difference, but from my experience, skipping 25 mcg a week made a huge difference to me within a month, going from hyper to feeling normal.