Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eight Weeks To Spring!

Happy November! How did THAT happen? What ever happened to this year? Spring is just around the corner!

To remind you in case you forgot, in Alene's world, January marks the first day of spring. In my world, winter only lasts about 10 days, the time from winter solstice to January 1st.

I am having a good recovery week after my race, I've been on the bike, and I got a couple of good runs in today for a total of about 15 miles. My legs feel a bit tired but not bad at all.

This morning I took the girls out in this sunrise. Isabelle did almost 2 miles, Iris did 3 1/2. Then I went out and did a few more on my own with strides.

Tonight I ran with Wheaties Boy, we did an 8 mile run. We actually kept a decent pace, like 9 minute miles, but it wasn't anything I'd call a hard workout. It just forced me to turn my legs over faster than I would have by running alone. And we got to catch up on news and running plans, since we've missed our runs together for a few weeks.

I have my week figured out, I'll get on the bike again Friday with an easy run, then the 5K with extra miles afterward on Saturday, and a bike ride with Troy on Sunday, plus some easy running. This is my easy week since I didn't taper before the race, it's my reverse taper.

And next week, it's back to business. I have a 24 hour race to train for...


Ultra Monk said...

Congrats on your Hardway win. You say you have a 24 hours race to train for. I thought you were doing 48 at ATY...I guess I missed something.

I have ultracentric in 2 weeks, 48 hours with a goal to make 100 miles. Then a new lap ultra in Houston on 12/29:

Alene Gone Bad said...

Thanks, Ultra Monk! I changed to the 24 from the 48- said something in a previous post. I'm working on my speed and 48 hours won't help my speed...

Good luck to you at Ultracentric, let me know how it goes, I hope you reach and surpass your goal. I didn't know about the Houston run. Let me know how that goes too.

I'm pretty much committed to Across the Years though, it's like family to me, so it's unlikely I'd ever run somewhere else over New Years.

SteveQ said...

I suppose winter in Badwater is when it gets down to 90 degrees, but here I'm just glad it looks like it won't start early - five months of snow is enough!

Alene Gone Bad said...

The only way to get through a Colorado winter is to imagine it's spring. Easy to do, because it usually feels like spring until March, when it starts snowing and doesn't let up until the middle of May.