Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Work Hangover Wednesday: Zombies Ate My Brain

Happy Halloween. What a beautiful day it is here in Colorado. We're lucky to be here, with all the destruction of the storm on the East Coast.

I only worked one day this week, which was yesterday, but it feels like a work hangover today. I'm exhausted. It was another insanely busy day, with a Halloween-induced run on the blood bank. We did at least 8 blood product transfusions yesterday.

Seems like all I did was run up and down the stairs to and from the blood bank all day. At one point I almost took a nap down there while sitting in a chair waiting for one patient's blood that took extra long because of a screw-up in the paperwork.

I never even took a break until 3:30 in the afternoon, and I'd been there since 8 am. That almost never happens where I work, but yesterday it was just one of those days. It must be the convergence of the full moon and the zombie apocalypse, everyone needs blood and platelets this week, they're all bleeding!

This morning was my first run since the race. I'm not sore at all, feet didn't have any swelling except after the drive on Sunday. I do feel tired in my legs, but not bad at all. I ran an easy 6 miles and then went for a short, easy bike ride.

Tomorrow I'm running with Wheaties Boy, and I'm signing up for a 5K this weekend. The Heart Center 5K in Loveland. Usually I'd do the half marathon but I don't want to set myself back in my recovery, when this should be my easy week.

I'm making a major change to my racing plans for December, I've switched races at Across the Years. I'm going to do the 24 hour race on December 31st instead of the 48 hour. It will take me too long to recover from 48 hours, and I want to get back into training sooner this winter. As I work toward my goals of increased speed over the next year or so, it doesn't make a lot of sense to do a 48 hour run now.

I've been looking ahead at next year and I see a few races on the horizon I'm thinking about doing. I'm searching for a couple of good 50 mile road races at some point next year. I haven't found one yet. I'm already looking at Delano Park 12 Hour in Alabama in March. And I'm seriously thinking about doing the Cornbelt 24 hour again in May.

I also want to throw a few road marathons in next year. One race I'd like to go back to is the Deseret News Marathon on Pioneer Day in Salt Lake City. I'm looking for no-bullshit races. I was lucky to stumble on two great events with no bullshit this past year, the Cornbelt and 24 The Hard Way. I'm looking for more road events like that.

By bullshit races I mean 500 gazillion people, side circuses along the course, overpriced entry fees, Rock N Roll Marathon events come to mind. Really, in a marathon, I just want to run the damn race, get my time, and get out. I have other shit to do. I don't need all those frills and all those people. And I certainly don't need Elvis or a squad of cheerleaders to tell me that I can do it...

I'm going to spend some time on the bike this week, and as long as the weather holds this fall. I need to get some cold weather riding gear. I keep procrastinating. These 70 degree temperatures are teasing us, it means next week it will dump snow.

I'm hungry. I need to go get some food before I scratch the eyeballs out of the next person I see.

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