Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miracle Monday

It's a miracle because it's work hangover day after my work weekend, and other than needing a bit more sleep and having some brain fog, I don't feel too bad.

I had a great 10 1/2 mile run this morning, felt good, threw some strides in, maybe I'm so out of it that I really didn't use my brain, which made the run seem so much easier. Or maybe I don't have a brain anymore, lost it over the weekend, and as a result I'm running a few pounds lighter.

It is about 20 degrees cooler than it has been for most of the summer. The seasons are finally changing. That feels miraculous too.

I haven't been blogging simply because there isn't a lot of exciting stuff to report, I've been hiding out from the world. Actually I've been putting more time into work-related things lately, studying at home and doing a few extra shifts at work is all. Some more exciting stuff will be happening soon that I can blog about, but for now, I'm keeping it to a minimum.

I do have quite a few rants building, given the onslaught of the U.S. election season B.S. I don't have a TV, thankfully, so I'm not subjected to the insults to my intelligence in my own home unless I search for them on the Internet.

Topics include health care, labor, nursing-related topics, firing every member of Congress, and more obesification-related topics, so as I get fired up on my long runs I'll be pounding away at the keyboard during my recovery.

My fatigue has been letting up, I'm throwing some short bursts of speed into my workouts and achieving some consistency, though I'm not doing much for mileage. That part of my training will pick up soon, as of September.

For now I'm enjoying the laid-back life of a 5K runner.


Ultra Monk said...

I don't have a tv either.

Alene Gone Bad said...

much better that way.