Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Much better day so far today. It was cool and cloudy this morning. I took Iris for 2 miles and then did a total of 8 miles for my morning run. Then I went to the sauna, which thankfully, I had to myself most of the 45 minutes while I sat there and drank three liters of water. I checked all the corners and in between the boards. No zombies in there. The sauna was safe at last. I remembered to bring my Zom-B-Gon.

Starbucks Via instant coffee is the best thing since...the iPhone? I'm not going to say sliced bread, because that might not pass the Mickey Check.

I started making my lists for South Dakota, started making piles of clothing and supplies for the trip, signed up for an online review course for oncology certification which I plan to test for later this year, and made a special trip to Starbucks for a package of the good stuff to take on the trip.

This afternoon I'll do a bit more packing and hope to get a nap in. Then I'll do my evening run. Maybe another 6 miles with some strides.

It's weird being in this non-training state, it's a maintenance phase. Next week is just a long week in the woods, a 5 day fun run. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also wanting to get beyond the recovery phase from this because I am so excited about picking up the speed and training hard the second half of this year to do some serious damage to my 48 hour PR at Across the Years.

It just occurred to me that yesterday was National Running Day and I didn't even run. Ha! I like that. As I've said before, if everyone is doing it, I'm not...

I didn't even plan that one and it worked out perfectly.

Yesterday afternoon I did a bike ride and felt so much better afterwards. I was talking with a friend about cycling yesterday and it reminded me of one of my old mountain biking buddies in Crested Butte, back in the late 80s. Carole and I used to do long bike rides year-round, and here's a picture I found of us, riding our bikes to ski up Washington Gulch above Crested Butte in 1987.

That was back in the days before iPhones, widespread use of personal computers and the Internet, and Starbucks on every corner...but we still hit it hard every day and made our own adventures. I've tried to continue living my life like we did back then, 25 years ago. I feel like I've done a pretty good job of it.

Carole is no longer with us, she died in 2002 from brain cancer. But she lived her life fully every day and pushed herself to her potential. You never know how many days you have, so make the most of each one!

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