Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Flasher

Last night I was not sleeping well, I kept waking up in a sweat, then having to cool down before I could sleep again.

This morning I ran only 7 miles and my legs were flat as a pancake. No energy whatsoever, probably from not sleeping. I decided to do a little shopping for the trip, I only had to get a few items, some drink mix and some Lara bars, and then went to the sauna.

I think I was hot flashing in the sauna. It felt so hot in there. I don't know why. I stayed only 20 minutes and then I had to get out. I didn't feel bad, I just felt hot. It was a different feeling than I usually have. Heat coming from inside me, instead of on the outside. I still have that feeling, even as I sit here typing.

I did some packing for the Double Mick, mostly making piles of stuff I think I might take, and then I have to sort through it and eliminate all but the most important stuff. I hate to pack, mostly because it upsets the girls. They sniff everything, and they know I'm going somewhere, so they start following me around more closely than usual.

If you know anything about Australian Shepherds, their baseline is to be under your feet at all times, so when I'm packing, I feel boxed in. I can't take a step in any direction without running into dog.

I filled up Isabelle's pool today and she sat down in it as soon as I took the hose out. It's hot outside, it's hot in the house, and I'm hot flashing. There's no escaping the heat. It's a good thing I'm heat trained. I wonder if heat training helps with tolerating hot flashes?

Maybe I could sell that as the next miracle cure, take out big full-page ads in the newspaper alongside the erectile dysfunction ads, and then I could pay for all my Badwater expenses and run across Death Valley multiple times every year.

Maybe not.

One cool thing that did happen today was that one of my paintings sold in the restaurant. Other than that there isn't much "cool" anywhere right now. Unless I climb into the freezer, which I've considered doing.

Happy Friday!


HappyTrails said...

Did you know that "australian shepherd = velcro" is listed in the dictionary??? Velcro, under-foot, rug-like, glued-to-their human, etc. are all synonym type descriptions listed also. :-) Yep, that's how aussies roll. Funny how the breed traits follow through.... I'm thinking you needed to fill up the Girl's pool with ice and jumped in with them! That would've been a nice cool down for the flash issue. Yay for selling a painting! And yay for 22 years - have a wonderful weekend! :-)

Alene Gone Bad said...

Accurate description. They are velcro dogs, and always under foot. And I get yelled at every time I leave them at home, even for a short time. Every day as I'm running away from the house I can hear Iris barking at me. Like I'm supposed to take her on MY run, too. Imagine that.