Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Shred 'Em

Just got back from a redemption run. I literally ran until I was bleeding!

Actually I took advantage of this calm morning, almost no wind at all, even though it was 18 degrees when I started. I got out and ran 16.3 miles, 4 of those miles with the girls. After I brought the girls home, I went out and was still feeling frustrated with my training and lack of motivation to push myself these past two weeks. I went out the Spring Creek and Poudre Trails again, and was plodding along at a slow pace, until I got almost to Orthopedic Center of the Rockies on the way home, and then something crawled under my skin. For some reason as I rounded the corner to go west I decided it was time to make something worthwhile out of my run. So I resolved to run hard for 25 minutes. That was the amount of fartlek I wanted to do in a workout last week, which I never did.

So I did it, pushing myself at a hard pace until I was only about a half mile from home, when my 25 minutes were up and I was toast. Somewhere out there, I managed to chafe the crap out of myself, and when I got home and took off my bra, there was blood from the spots where I chafed. Whatever it was that made me want to run hard must have crawled under my bra.

I don't know how many of my female readers experience killer bra chafing but sometimes when those running bras get old, or the weather conditions are just right and the moisture stays in there it can shred your skin off. Good for screaming in the shower! I was wearing a lot of clothing, more layers than I needed, but it was cold when I started. The wind didn't pick up and keep me cold today, so I was soaking wet by the time I got home.

Yesterday I was feeling so frustrated, this year my training has felt like it's off to the slowest start, and here it is almost March. It's not that anything is wrong, but it seems like the weather has been a huge influence on my motivation. That's an excuse. I was feeling full of excuses last night and rather irritable at the state of affairs in the world and life in general because things aren't proceeding along as smoothly as I would like. Wah Wah Wah.

Dennis took pity on me last night and offered to take me out for sushi, which always helps. Things are really not bad. Not bad at all. He gave me some advice about getting my hard efforts in once a week. If I can do nothing else all winter, just making one of those runs a hard effort will pay off. I guess I must have been listening.

I need to get some serious $&@#! done around here today. Two orders of business:
1. Get all of our tax stuff together since I'm meeting with the tax chick tomorrow who does our taxes.
2. Pick up dog poop before it snows again, which is predicted for tomorrow.

Hmmmm...not sure where to start, it's all so exciting.

Oh yeah, and a few other things like doing my weight training routine and my core/abs routine. I need to do that more than once a week, which is all I've managed to do this month. Pathetic.

And maybe, just maybe, late this afternoon if the wind doesn't pick up too bad and I have time for a nap, go out with the tire.

And I think I'm seriously going to lose my mind unless I go somewhere warm in March. Time to come up with a plan.


giraffy said...

holy crap that looks like it is so painful. ouch.

You're the second person I've seen from CO today say they need to find somewhere warm.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Heather, it was nice here in January but February has sucked. It's been cold and windy or snowing. I finally got the dog poop from the past month picked up since it took a whole month to get thawed out and dried out from the snow at the beginning of the month!
Colorado is great but winters will give you cabin fever. I want to go to Florida or Arizona in March. Hopefully my boobs will heal before then!