Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Isabelle's advice for a cold day

Twelve degrees. That's what it was this morning. What happened to our spring? The weather gods are making us pay for our sunny warm January. Isabelle was not too happy about it. She didn't want to do anything, and neither did I.

When I woke up it had been snowing all night and was still snowing lightly, and it was 9 degrees. We were supposed to run a race in Loveland this morning but we never signed up, and it was icy and freezing, and it wasn't worth the risk of injury. Dennis wasn't interested in running in those conditions either, so we had coffee and then decided to go out for breakfast at the Silver Grill, something we rarely do.

After breakfast I went over to Dennis Vanderheiden's house (a different Dennis) to look at a couple of baby jogger and trailer options, he's going to let me borrow those to figure out what will work best and how I can get them adapted to my needs. Dennis uses the baby joggers for Athletes in Tandem, which is a pretty cool organization. That was really nice of him to let me borrow them and figure out my plans, I will definitely be making a donation to AiT.

He was going to bring one of the joggers to me this morning at the race, but the weather changed a lot of people's plans. Since he wasn't going to the race either, I went over there. Standing outside looking at the strollers and talking, it was absolutely freeeeeeeeezing! We were outside about 10 minutes and then all the way home my hands and toes were thawing- that hurts!

Later it warmed up a little after I got home and Dennis (back to my husband, Dennis) took the girls for a short walk. They got ice balls between their toes.

So next time you feel like this,

take the day off from running, go out for breakfast, hang around the house, take a nap, and find someone to scratch your ears.

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have the motivation to go out and run 30 miles, as I planned to do sometime this week, and it hasn't happened yet. A good ear scratching will do the trick.


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