Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sharpei'd Part 2: Words of Wisdom

This morning I went to the sauna, looking at this for 30-plus minutes was a good, mindless way to start what could be a long week. I have to be at work for at least 4, probably 5 of the next 5 days.

I did go for a bike ride yesterday, narrowly avoiding a tornado and hailstorm. This morning I went for another bike ride, down toward Loveland, and no funnel clouds on the horizon, but as I got home, there were some dark-looking clouds settling in for more afternoon fun. If we have any leaves left on the trees after the next hailstorm, we'll be lucky.

I was in touch with my friend Keith (a.k.a.Towanda Frates) this morning, she would have loved our conversation on aging after the marathon the other day. She offered these words of wisdom, which I am going to quote:

"Speaking of profound thoughts on aging, it occurs to me that everytime I say something about getting old to someone who is 10 yrs. older than I, they always say,"You're just a baby!" In the sense that I'm still young and they should know since they have something to compare it to. In conclusion, always remember that in 10 yrs. you're gonna wish you felt like you do now, which apparently is fresh as a daisy and spring chicken-like."
- Towanda Frates


Felix said...

Good quote! Though I was half-expecting the last sentence to read:

"In conclusion, try to hang around with people 10 years your senior as they will constantly remind you that you are still a baby" :)

AleneGoneBad said...

Is THAT why you hang around me???
;-) I bet it makes you feel fast too! I'm riding my bike, beware Felix, I'm getting faster!