Scatter my ashes here...

Scatter my ashes here...
scatter my ashes in the desert...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Under the Night Sky

Lately I haven't been sleeping well but on those work mornings when I happen to be awake at 4 am and I know it's unlikely I'll catch any more ZZZs before I have to get up for work, I go out running. I love running at night, and under the stars and moon.

Sometimes, like last night, I get a treat, seeing the first snow begin to fall!
I woke up and looked outside and told the Buffaloes.

Running in the strong wind of northern Colorado is always a challenge. I love the wind, the way it knocks the breath out of your mouth before you can inhale. Today was one of those days. I ran from the Environmental Learning Center on the trails through Prospect Ponds and then over to Riverbend Ponds. The sky was perfectly clear and there were clouds over the mountains, the wind was howling.

Now all the leaves have fallen off the trees, and when the snow melts it looks like this.

I got a massage last week, Cindy Rice does myofascial release and I think it helped. I was tight throughout my whole back and my left quad, opposite my hamstring. I plan to schedule another appointment after my long run next week.

No running news, I took it easy all week and only did 24 miles, spent some time on the bike trainer listening to CDs to review for an exam I'm studying for, and now I have to work the whole weekend. Next week I hope to be back to "normal" and get some therapeutic adventure running in!

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